BROKEN VOW by Emily Hartmann
BROKEN VOW by Emily Hartmann
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Harmonizing with Earth: the resonance of BROKEN VOW – new track streaming on Triple B Records

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As the winds of change weave through the hardcore scene, another crew emerges with a poignant narrative. Enter New England’s Broken Vow. Their musical journey, emboldened by a fiery sound reminiscent of the ’90s metallic hardcore, is a call to arms for those alarmed by humanity’s impact on our planet.

To be released this September 29 via Triple B Records, Broken Vow’s forthcoming album, Anthropocene, is set to be a raw and evocative exploration of human recklessness and our turbulent relationship with Mother Earth. With songs that pulse with rage and introspection, Anthropocene promises to be more than just an auditory experience—it’s a call to reflection.

“Every year we lose 1.5% of wild nature to development, extinction, and general human intervention. This is not our dominion, and if we wish to survive we must exist in harmony with the earth,” reveals vocalist Tommy Harte.

The powerful lead single “1.5” gives listeners an unflinching look at the environmental chaos ensuing due to humanity’s hubris.

Formed in the early months of 2020, the five members of Broken Vow found common ground in their local scene. Their passion soon led to the creation of their debut demo, which garnered attention and set the stage for the 2021 EP, Sane Minds Ends. The upcoming album Anthropocene, a product of collaboration with Chaz at The Spot in New Haven, CT, and Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios in Amherst, MA, sees the band elevating their sound, drawing inspirations from bands like xRepentancex and Hopesfall.

Historically, Broken Vow has been staunch advocates against racism and fascism, but Anthropocene signals a pivot, as the album delves deeply into the impending environmental crises.

Harte elaborates on the themes and inspirations of the album: “The bulk of songs on this record are about humanity’s relationship with the earth. It’s about feeling hopeless and still refusing to give up hope. It’s about empowering the everyman, who has been taught to be at peace with his powerlessness. But most importantly it’s about not being alienated from your own humanity.”

BROKEN VOW by Emily Hartmann
BROKEN VOW by Emily Hartmann

Despite the distances separating them across the Northeast, the members of Broken Vow have seamlessly collaborated to produce a sound that resonates with today’s issues. Their fervor is evident, reminiscent of bands like Magnitude and Inclination, beckoning listeners to take note and make a change.

While they’ve already showcased their potential with releases during the pandemic, their upcoming album, Anthropocene, signifies Broken Vow’s maturation and their commitment to a cause that transcends music.

BROKEN VOW by Emily Hartmann
BROKEN VOW by Emily Hartmann

Fans can catch the band’s electric energy live as they are set to perform at The Shop in Hamden, CT alongside Wreckage and Combust:

8/20 – Hamden, CT @ The Shop w/ Wreckage + Combust


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