HARM’S WAY’s van and gear get stolen [UPDATE]

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During’s HARM’S WAY show in Chicago last Wednesday night, their van and their gear got stolen (James Pligge, sorry for cutting your head off, but we figured the photo will look great anyway :)).

Their is van a 1999 Ford e350 XLT 15-passenger and the stolen items in the van included:

  • Peavy 5150 (II) 150 watt Eddie Van Halen signature guitar head with ATA black road case. The face plate of the head has been removed.
  • LTD EC-1000 black gloss Korean-made Les Paul body type guitar with Gibson 1990 “chainsaw case” with blue interior.
  • Pedal train PT-1 pedal board with case and: Ibanez T9 tube screamer, BOSS tu-2 Chromatic stomp box tuner, DOS envelope filter stomp box, BOSS DD-6 Digital Delay pedal and a daisy chain
  • American Fender Jazz Bass inside a hard, black case with “2*Sweet” spray painted on it in white. Also an inverted cross spray painted in white near the top of the case.
  • Ampeg 8×10 Bass Cabinet. “2*Sweet” written on the wood in permanent marker on the side where Tolex was stripped off. Also the wheels are attached to a 2×4 at the bottom.
  • Traynor TS-140 Bass Head. Grey, old, beat-up looking. Power cable in the back is very frayed.
  • BOSS ODB-3 Bass Overdrive Pedal
  • BOSS TU-2 Chromatic tuner

Closed Casket Activities also commented:

Harm’s Way recently fell victim to theft in their home town of chicago. Along side their van being stolen, a decent amount of music equipment was taken as well. Below is a write up from the band with info on what you can do to help. This coming monday night I will be auctioning some rare Harm’s Way vinyl, including a No Gods No Masters and ISOLATION test press.

As you may or may not have heard, earlier this week our van was stolen from the Wicker Park area of Chicago. Worse yet, the van contained a good amount of equipment inside. We would love to be able to replace everything lost, including the van itself, but the total loss is around $7,000 and out of our reach currently. We were on the fence about whether or not to start some kind of benefit fund, benefit show, kickstart, etc. Basically we decided last night that we would put our PayPal out there and let anyone who wants to donate the ability to do so. If you want to help us out, this is the best possible way to do it, even if it’s $1. LIterally any amount of money we receive would be a huge help, we still want to tour and play shows but this is a major obstacle.

At the bottom you will see a link to our PayPal, as well as a link to the Craigslist add which contains a list of everything lost.

If you retweeted, shared, liked, or in any way spread around the Craigslist we had up, PLEASE do the same with this.

Thank you very much for reading.

PayPal: [email protected] (Not a joke)


HARM’S WAY live:

PUBLISHED on April 19, 2012.
UPDATED on April 21, 2012 – Closed Casket Activities comment added.

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