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Hearty post hardcore act NATURALIST premiere new single “I Was Happy Here”

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NATURALIST is a four-piece alternative rock / emo / post hardcore band from the heart of Oklahoma. Since getting its start in the mid 2010s, in Oklahoma City’s tight-knit post-hardcore scene, the quintet has developed into a dedicated touring act with a pensive sound that retains the intense emotional range of its roots without the abrasiveness. The band paints atmospheric swirls of electric guitar onto sturdy rhythm section canvases as plaintive lyrics either swim within the textures or burst outward from the frame, depending on the emotional needs of each song.

With five EPs and one full-length album under its belt, Naturalist is composed of frontman Ashton Prescott, guitarist Hunter Amos, bassist Joseph Tassinari, and drummer Micah Patrick.

Together, they breathe visceral moods into often understated yet spacious arrangements. One can trace qualities of shoegaze and post-rock in their performances. Their work might appeal to you if you like the visceral vibes of Pianos Become The Teeth or Touche Amore.

In a live setting, the band further connects with its audiences by offering an energetic and enthusiastic live show that encourages a fervent, communal experience on a level plane of momentary shared existence.

Naturalist is so genuine in its soul-bearing artistry that it’s not hard to see why fans are so loyal to the band (and vice versa). An inherent persistence of heart courses throughout the band’s music, never falling cold, but fighting instead to carry a hot-blooded flame that welcomes listeners inside from the blizzards of life. In contrast to some of its peers, Naturalist does not fumble and cut itself upon the shards of heartbreak, though those shards appear all throughout the quintet’s emotional journey. Rather, the band uses those sharp edges to defiantly hew a winding pathway through troubled mind and belabored soul to find other lost spirits and, ultimately, to find a way back home together.

“I Was Happy Here”: A track from their self-titled EP. The EP is being re-released as the B-side to their new EP (Savior), on cassette. Out March 25 via Friend Club Records.

“After the release of 2019’s It Could Be Anywhere, we decided as a band that it was time to take a look back and say ‘how could we have done this differently?’ With Savior we wanted to recreate the vibrant intensity of our past lyrical content, while implementing more statement demanding instrumentation and intensity.” – comments the band.

“Our forthcoming release Savior is an honest representation of [Naturalist] returning to our roots. And while we are eager to release new music and finally share what we’ve been working on for the past few years, it was important to us to take a step back and celebrate the history and growth of our band. So, we decided to properly remix and remaster our debut self-titled album.”


Asked about their new single, NATURALIST admit that ‘I Was Happy Here‘ is the song that got everything started for their band.

“It personally means a lot to us and is a fan favorite, having a constant spot in our set list for the past eight years. We wouldn’t be where we are today without it, and we are so excited to finally make the song that means so much to us available across all streaming platforms.”

Savior is the most intentional we’ve ever been, we held absolutely nothing back and what better way to celebrate the future of our band than honoring the past.”

Seven albums that influenced the current direction of Naturaralist, by Hunter Amos & Ashton Prescott

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