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Hearty punk rockers NICK GRANDCHAMP AND THE PEOPLE WATCHERS get nostalgic with their new video for “Stay With Me”

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The new video from Vermont gritty, emotional punk rock act NICK GRANDCHAMP AND THE PEOPLE WATCHERS shows scenes of the band’s mainman Nick walking through the town, streets and in front of houses he grew up in, punctuated by short clips of old punk shows videos from the past 15 years, which make the nostalgia feel pretty complete. The feeling is everything I thought it might be after getting acquainted with the band’s recent record “Time Out“, which literally restores color to your cheeks. Watch the video above and listen to the full record HERE.

This is the most vulnerable song off the record; it also took me the longest to write lyrically. I worked really hard to find the right words on this one. The song is about accepting someone for who they truly are, including the person’s history of pain and trauma. It’s not easy to take on someone’s heart and troubles but this is basically a cry for acceptance. – Nick Grandchamp

GO HERE to check out the rest of the songs from the record, along with our full track-by-track commentary from Nick!

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