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Nick Grandchamp mixes vulnerability with grit in his new solo record!

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Not even a year after the break up of his flagship band GET A GRIP, Vermonts busiest hearty punk rocker Nick Grandchamp is back with his new record called “Time Out” and we have a first hand commentary about each and every tune!

Nick Grandchamp wrote these tunes in Vermont over a snowy, cold, winter this past year. In early June with the help of some friends, he recorded these songs with his mentor and old music teacher, Phil Henry. Nick is 31 now and has been playing in bands since he was 15 years old.

This is my first attempt to really write a record that is personal, raw and true to me. I want to thank everyone for the love and support, my wife Sarah for always supporting me in my art, all my friends and family that inspire me every day. I hope you like the record.

With its own straightforward aesthetic, Nick Grandchamp & The People Watchers‘ “Time Out” uses its driving rhythms, and personal, emotional lyrics, to make something both inspiring and infectious. All the tracks emote like powerhouse rock’n’roll infused pop punk with bite and gritty propulsion and old-fashioned energy to it. Listen for yourself and see the full track by track rundown below!

The People Watchers are: Chris Macie: Bass, Vocals, Drums; Ruston Fettig: Drums; Sarah Wallis: Vocals; Matt Kimball: Bass, Vocals; Additional Vocals by Chris, Dom, Shawn.

Time Out!

Back Around:

This was one of the first songs written for the record and one of my favorite songs musically. “Back Around” is about that feeling of discontent and self-hate that comes and goes throughout life’s obstacle course. It’s about the guilt you feel when your loved ones have to deal with your stress and sometimes-uncontrollable emotions.

No Fun:

This song is a quick, simple, to the point, Rock ‘n’ Roll, tune off the record. It’s about feeling restless when idle. For me, having down time leads to thinking too much. I have to always stay busy working on art or music or I feel like I am completely useless. This song is about feeling useless and feelings like you’re not living up to your potential.

Your Own Way:

This song is the most upbeat, sing-along tune on the record. It’s about feeling out of step with the world. It’s about being who you want to be despite what anyone says. It’s about growing up a misfit and embracing who you are 100% with no apologies, It’s my “you’re never alone” anthem.

Don’t Care:

Musically this is my nod to The Clash. It’s about dealing with a person who doesn’t care about your feelings or how much they hurt you. It’s about feeling disrespected, unappreciated and used. It’s a fuck you to the people who get off on treating people like shit.

Stay with Me:

This is the most vulnerable song off the record; it also took me the longest to write lyrically. I worked really hard to find the right words on this one. The song is about accepting someone for who they truly are, including the person’s history of pain and trauma. It’s not easy to take on someone’s heart and troubles but this is basically a cry for acceptance.

Let It Out:

I was never one to hide my feelings. I try and I just can’t keep them in. I’m an open book and this is about letting those feelings that you keep inside, out. It’s about being honest with yourself even when things are going to hell, even though it sucks to be open and talk about your feelings, it can really help in the end. So LET IT OUT!

It’s Not That I Hate You:

This tune is about trying to express your feelings to a person you care about that is becoming a shitty person. Sometimes actions are learned and repeated and you have to ask yourself if you should still be friends with that person. It’s not about hating someone it’s about questioning your energy and your own moral values.

Dear Mikey:

This song is about a close friend of mine that has been through a lot. Over the past year, I wasn’t quite sure how to approach a sensitive subject with this person so I decided to write a song instead. Even when you are alone and lost, there is always someone who cares. This song is a reminder that a support system does exist in your life, even when you don’t feel like there is, and it’s always OK to use it.

Forget About Me:

This song is about never feeling good enough. It’s about the kid in the back of the classroom that wants to disappear but also wants to be accepted and noticed. I’ve always felt like an underclass kid in an upper-class world, this song expresses those feelings.

Hurt So Bad:

To be honest, this song is about my father: the hardest working and loving man I know. He has been through a lot and still is able to push on with a great heart and love for the world. I one day wish to be half the man that he is.

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