HEAVEN IN HER ARMS on tour in Europe

As teased in the Fluff Fest 2014 thread, Japanese screamo band HEAVEN IN HER ARMS is back in Europe! They’ve just played this year’s New Noise Festival and are ready for the next 7 shows, listed below. As their friends from TRAINWRECK summed it up pretty well: “They are great guys and passionate about their music, basically spending their whole annual vacation for their tour – dedication! Go and see them live, if you have the chance to catch them on tour!”.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
21.7. Hamburg – Headcrash
22.7. Berlin – Cassiopeia
23.7. Leipzig – Institut für Zukunft
24.7. Chemnitz – AC17
25.7. Rokycany – Fluff Fest
26.7. Linz – Kapu
27.7. Stuttgart – Club Zwölfzehn

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