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Heavy doom/sludge hammer BLCKWVS premiere new track “0166 Ow”. Listen now!

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As impressive and crushing the newest single from doom/sludge act BLCKWVS is, their new opus “0160″ stands in a league of its own. The change of depth, the stylistic deviations and the smooth transitions between different mods make it appear as a pivotal offering for the band, and we’re stoked to give you their newest track “0166 Ow”!

An ambitious project, (if you can say that about a record on TCM, then probably about 0160) has been in production for 4 years now – the new record from BLCKWVS.

Ambitious because it continues what was already hinted at on 0150, namely working with guest singers. This time EVERY song is recorded and released in their typical, monolithic, instrumental BLCKWVS “Wall of Sound” style, teaming with guest appearances. Those who know how musicians tick can already guess the mammoth task that lie ahead. At first, many singers are enthusiastic about the idea, but then often lack the necessary self drive to carry the project forward.

As fast as promises were made, it turned out that it would more difficult, and above all, even more tedious than originally thought. But the long work was well worth it – 0160 can boast an impressive guest list – , Toni (Union Of Sleep / (dolch) ), Ed Fraser from Heads. Marc Grewe (orig. Morgoth), Munde (inotdance), Sarah (Black Vulpine), Siggi (Space Chaser), Lupus (Kadavar) Chris Dettmer and Milo (Rhonda), known from the spherical vocal part of the 0150 record, have contributed their own interpretations.


The lyrics tell a closed story and therefore 0160 is not only the most comprehensive and varied album, but also a flawless concept album!

Musically BLCKWVS in the very best ISIS (the band); picture a bulldozer flattening everything that stands in the way. Their above mentioned monolith doom builds upon the real BLCKWVS trademark sound – no matter if you sing, scream or row – you immediately hear BLCKWVS.

Liked what you’ve just heard? Check out “0165”, another new song featuring Sarah from BLACK VULPINE!

Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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