Heavy Metal Fantasy Fans Shouldn’t Miss WIND ROSE’s European Tour

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Many heavy metal and rock bands have been inspired by fantasy fiction, but perhaps none more so than Wind Rose. The Italian group were heavily inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, and have become known as the Dwarves of Heavy Metal thanks to their outfits and style.

The band has been going since 2009, but gained worldwide recognition in 2019 with the single, Diggy Diggy Hole. Now, they’re taking their axe wielding show around Europe to a range of major cities.

Wind Rose Bringing Their Dwarf Metal to Major European Cities

Wind Rose are currently on a tour of Europe, which began with shows in Italy in September. The dates take them all the way through to November, where the closing concert takes place in Strand, Germany. People in search of some dwarf-themed heavy metal can catch the band in some of the continent’s biggest cities, including Paris, London, Zurich, and Vienna.

Heavy metal fans will doubtlessly enjoy the ferocious guitar riffs of Wind Rose, but the band will also appeal greatly to fantasy lovers. The Dwarves of Heavy Metal use a range of themes from Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings in their songs. Indeed, listeners will gain more enjoyment from the band if they are familiar with the works of the iconic British novelist. Wind Rose are also in tune with current popular culture, with other songs based on the notorious video game, Minecraft.

Heavily Inspired by J.R.R Tolkien’s Works

Wind Rose certainly wouldn’t look out of place in the mines of Moria, and Tolkien would most likely be proud to have inspired such a fitting tribute to his works. The unique metal merchants aren’t the only ones to have been inspired by Tolkien over the years. In fact, The Lord of the Rings author’s influence is visible throughout the entertainment industry.

Tolkien’s dwarves have inspired many other works across entertainment, especially in gaming. For instance, the highly popular MMORPG World of Warcraft features a dwarven race known as Dwarves of Ironforge. They share similarities with the characters from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, with a love of mining and craftsmanship. The Dragon Scrolls and Elder Scrolls series also feature dwarves as characters.

Developers know that fantasy dwarven characters have the power to draw attention, which is why they can also be found in the booming online casino market. Here, players are faced with a vast amount of choice, so games need to stand out. One of the top games currently available is Dwarfs Fortune, which will make players feel like they’ve stepped into Middle Earth. The title has a progressive jackpot, meaning there are huge wins available. On the reels, the iconography fits with the classic dwarven theme of mining.

With Wind Rose’s star on the rise and the band getting in front of people across Europe this year, they have the potential to start a new subgenre of heavy metal. There’s no doubt that they are going to unearth plenty of new listeners as they mine the European market, and these people may be hungry for more dwarven metal content.

WIND ROSE on tour:

30.09.23, Hellraiser, Leipzig, Germany
01.10.23, Zeche, Bochum, Germany
02.10.23, Im Wizemann, Stuttgart, Germany
03.10.23, Dynamo, Zurich, Switzerland
04.10.23, Glazart, Paris, France
05.10.23, 229, London, UK
06.10.23, Kavka, Antwerp, Belgium
07.10.23, P60, Amstelveen, Netherlands
20.10.23, Yunicon, Vienna, Austria
02.11.23, Lucca Comics and Games, Lucca, Italy
17.11.23, Metal Hammer Paradise, Strand, Germany
29.12.23, No Sleep After Christmas, Runkel, Germany
29.01.24, 70000TONS OF METAL, Miami, FL, US
10.05.24, Galatos, Auckland, NZ
11.05.24, Valhalla, Wellington, NZ
12.05.24, A Rolling Stone, Christchurch, NZ
14.05.24, The Triffid, Brisbane, AUS
16.05.24, Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide, AUS
17.05.24, The Basement, Canberra, AUS
18.05.24, Crowbar, Sydney, AUS
19.05.24, Max Watts, Melbourne, AUS

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