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Hello Exile by THE MENZINGERS – nostalgic punk rockers unveil new album!

Heartfelt, emotive and intimate punk rockers THE MENZINGERS have been rocking our hearts since 2006 and their new record “Hello Exile” is a solid continuation of their impressive work. The album has just been unveiled for full streaming and you can check it out in its entirety below!

As ever the Menzingers have grown with their fans as they address the everyday obstacles we all face with unmatched authenticity. Hello Exile is the Menzingers’ most thematically heavy and emotionally weightiest album, as well as their boldest and most self-assured. / PopMatters

Hello Exile, The Menzingers’ greatest statement on adulthood to date, ends with a reflection on how far they’ve come since their scrappy Scranton beginnings. Its closing track, “Farewell Youth,” is, as the title suggests, something of a eulogy for the carefree nights of their impossible past. “Farewell, youth, I’m afraid I hardly got to know you / I was always hanging out with the older kids,” Barnett sings. / Fader

THE MENZINGERS somehow continue to be one of the most predictably brilliant bands in alternative music, and if you were assuming that at some point human nature would take its course and the band would take a misstep – Hello Exile will keep your assumptions at bay. From its lyrical ingenuity to its energetic backbone, this record is another trophy in the cabinet of THE MENZINGERS‘ peerless legacy. New album, same old MENZINGERS. / DistortedSoundmag

There’s a couple of certain expectations when it comes to The Menzingers nowadays, namely that they’ll generally continue along the same sonic thread and they’ll be excellent at it, and Hello Exile hits both of those marks without even breaking a sweat. It’s familiar, but not once is that to its detriment, and the slight changes and advancements add up to enough for this not to be just a blatant retread of what came before. And sure, it’s not quite as consistently surefooted as this band’s material has been in the past, but in what feels like a necessary move that ekes out so much more potential on top of the mountains already there, it’s another home run from a band from whom no one would expect anything less. / TheSoundBoardReviews

At its heart however, Hello Exile feels like a celebration. A celebration of life, its good and its bad. Of making it past your twenties and now asking yourself “How do I steer my early 30s/Before I shipwreck, before I’m 40”. And though The Menzingers might well be older, mellower, and even more mature than previously, in theory, so are we, and you can bet that their own anxieties and insecurities are still much the same as ours. / LouderThanWar

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