Broken Home by POINTBREAK
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“Broken Home” – punchy hardcore band POINTBREAK release new song!

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Today marks the premiere  of ‘Broken Home’, the new song from Arizona power energized hardcore band POINTBREAK introduced on IDIOTEQ last year. The new jam comes from the band’s new EP of the same name, to be released soon via Irish Voodoo Records!


Sometimes I wish I could just disappear
Vanish from this earth without even a trace of existence
Thoughts in my head are so loud saying no one will miss me
I’m walking around with my demons talking on both shoulders
I wish I could say they disappeared as I’ve gotten older
But the older I get the louder they become
They keep making sure that I listen
I lose all of my control and my vision the moment they speak
I go into this broken home that I forsaken
But this broken home is all I know
The nightmares are simply reality
These thoughts are no longer just in my head
They come out to the real world to live with me
I wish I could tell you I just walked away to be set free
But I welcomed them so that I can feel the company
So in the end I have no one to blame
Just simply living life the only way it was made for me


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