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THE HOLY GASP – “The Mating Song” video

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Toronto experimental art rockers from THE HOLY GASP have premiered a new music video for their song “The Mating Song”, an exciting and exhausting new song about consensual, but complicate… shagging. Yes, shagging. Copulating, banging, humping, bonking, fornicating, and screwing. Making love. The video follows this common theme with unbridled energy, to the animal world. Watch it below and sing along!

Photo by Karol Orzechowski of Decipher Images


If I’m the wasp
Then you’re the fig
If you’re the potting soil
I can dig
You be the skin
I’ll be the tick
You bring the thistle
I’ll bring the prick

I think you’re groovy
I think you’re great
Come on now pretty mamma let’s mate

I’ll be the candle
You be the cake
Gimme me your two vanilla scoops
I’ll make ya shake
You shout “Our Father”
I’ll shout “Amen”
You lay the carpet
I’ll make the stain

I love your dimples
I love your chin
Come on now pretty mamma will you let me stick it in?

If I hurt you
I never meant it
I’ll put what ails you in a jar
And I’ll ferment it
You want a lyric?
Hell I’ll compose it
I’ll sing your sorrow to the earth
And decompose it

For there’s a shame over me
Hovering high up above
This can’t be what the kiddies on the streets are calling love

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