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Horn-driven melodic punk rockers KEEP FLYING share new uplifiting song and video: watch “Left Behind” here!

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Keep Flying, a dynamic 5-piece band hailing from the Northeast USA, has recently released a new single titled “Left Behind” accompanied by an all-new music video. Their musical style aims to fill a gap in the punk scene, providing an infectious and horn-driven sound that is catchy and memorable.

With their distinct musical style, Keep Flying has garnered a reputation for honest and heartfelt songwriting that resonates deeply with fans. Their explosive live performances have been turning heads and capturing the attention of both fans and fellow musicians alike.

The band has shared the stage with renowned acts such as (insert band name here) and (insert band name here), and has graced the stages of major music festivals including Vans Warped Tour, SXSW, and The FEST, among many others.

Keep Flying

Keep Flying’s music is a testament to the power of melodic, pop infused punk rock, featuring catchy melodies, pulsating rhythms, and soulful horn sections that create a sound that is uniquely their own.


A song keeps me mesmerized
A picture keeps me hypnotized
A broken promise keeps me warm

My soul’s been commodified
Beat broke and sanitized
Tell me what is this for

Why do i work so hard
When I’m just getting by
Is this fun anymore?
It’s not enough to survive

Let’s not pretend that it’s okay
When we know it’s not
Say goodbye to opportunity
You’ve got no shot
So who’s wrong? who’s right?
Let’s not waste our time
All for one and one for all.
we’ve all been left behind

They say no man is an island
So why do i all feel alone
I say some days it’s still worth trying
To get through the day on my own
And I find it hard to say all this to you in a romantic way
But this land just wasn’t made for you and me
And soon you’ll see

If you’re looking for me
I’ll be stuck between my youth and maturity
Fame and obscurity
If you’re looking for me
I’ll be stuck between my fantasy and reality

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