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LONG.WAY.DOWN recalls 2000s metalcore and MySpace-era screamo with new fierce EP on Zegema Beach Records

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With their recent release of “until there’s nothing left...”, this group of four from Georgia has achieved a seismic breakthrough, garnering substantial recognition and acclaim. This exceptional six-song EP showcases their adept ability to craft music that is heavily influenced by early 2000s metalcore and screamo from the myspace-era.

Prior to this, the band had produced some semi-lo-fi material on an EP and a split, but they have now honed their focus on songwriting and producing, resulting in a remarkable capturing of sounds that are undeniably massive in scope and impact.


ONG.WAY.DOWN.’s new six-song EP ‘until there’s nothing left’ is released on 75 tapes: ‘nothing left’ yellow swirl (/35), ‘incinerate’ orange swirl (/30), ‘goldenashes’ gold swirl (/5), test dip w/matching swirl case (/5).

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