HORROR SHOW interviewed by Blow The Scene

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Our friends from Blow The Scene conducted an interview with Philadelphia hardcore band HORROR SHOW.

Joshua BTS: For our readers just tuning into the band- please catch us up on the formative stages of Horror Show and your subsequent signing to Deathwishinc.

Nicky: In 1999/2000 some friends and myself decided we wanted to play music. We were always into punk rock and the more fast paced hardcore records. We wanted to make some really aggressive music that could tap into both worlds because at the time everyone was wearing baggy clothes and wanted to be rappers. I was in Boston a lot around that time with Gibby Miller (Panic) and Wes Eisold (American Nightmare) and they were both in new bands that were trying some new stuff for hardcore as well. They introduced me to Jake Bannon (Converge/Deathwish Inc). We handed him a demo and we got the go ahead to record our first EP under Deathwish.

Read the full interview here.

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