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Houston hardcore band DRESS CODE streaming their new EP

Houston, Texas’ DRESS CODE have unveiled a full stream of their new EP “Perception”, released in cooperation with Xpressions Records, a relatively new label by Ned Russin from TITLE FIGHT, featured on IDIOTEQ along with the recent premiere of the new record from RESPONSE. Want to see and hear what DRESS CODE is? Dive into its WARZONE-inspired harshness and danceable rhythms, watch a live video by Crumblestiltskin Archives, documenting their recent gig at House of Commons Co-Op in Austin, Texas, and see some live pics here, here and here.

Since the dawn of time, “punk” and “hardcore” have been synonymous yet separate. The former invokes a more theatrical yet haphazard approach, with the latter connoting more deliberate and tough. The term “punk hardcore” has often come to mean a transitional phase between these to connected genres, but Houston, Texas’s Dress Code are not a missing link, they are the curators of this definition. Their use of both punk and hardcore’s defining features allow them to have a show where members fall and moshers mosh, while their music is a berates our ear drums with relentless speed and baritone vocals. Perception is the debut 7” out this winter on Xpressions Records.

The band’s guiatarist, Esteban Rubio, says:

“There’s always going to be a division, but it’s a healthy division.

It’s not sectarian. It’s unity within diversity. Every hardcore band is about positivity and unity, but for us it’s a diverse unity. There’s always going to be people from different walks of life. That tension is cool I think.”

Vocalist Brandon Mahler adds:

“We don’t have to get along.

I feel like with hardcore there a lot of things that separate it.

I feel like we should have unity but it’s not going to be there all the time. There are people in hardcore you’re not going to agree with. We don’t have to get along. You can just be here and it can be cool. Everyone has different issues and things they’re trying to get away from.”

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