How to Improve Your Vocals without a Vocal Instructor

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There have been so many singers throughout history who had a natural ability without the aid of a vocal instructor. That said, it was probably a good thing because vocal coaches don’t come cheap. The best instructors usually find a ‘home’ with artists who have made the charts but are looking to perfect their sound. Are you looking to improve your vocals but either don’t have the funds to hire a vocal coach or there are none in an area where you live?

Actually, there are some things you can do from home and perhaps the only thing you need is a reliable computer and an internet connection.

Professional Vocal Effects to Emulate

One of the things you will hear so many artists say is that they grew up wanting to sound just like their own personal favorite singer. They would spend hours listening to them sing while singing along trying to get their vibrato in perfect sync. In fact, if you listen closely to many of today’s artists you will often be able to detect their early influences.

With a program such as Avox Professional Vocal Effects, you can style your vocals in any genre you’d like to perfect and then sing along with your own voice in that particular style. You can set the vibrato, harmonies and even breathing techniques so that when you record your own voice you will be able to sing with a stylized version. In other words, you will be your own teacher and who better to train with than your own voice perfected?

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Breathing Exercises

One of the things a vocal coach will help you master would be breathing from the diaphragm. Have you ever wondered how some singers could hold a note out so long you would be gasping for breath? This is something you may be able to also master with various breathing exercises taught in some of the Eastern meditations.

There are also breathing exercises on YouTube you can practice with. The point is, one of the major factors in learning to control your voice is in learning to control your breath. Thanks to modern technology and the internet, you can learn to control your breathing techniques.

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Learning to Hear and Sing Harmonies

Another way to improve your sound is to begin working on harmonies. This helps in a number of ways but often it is the beginning of learning to hear intervals. You can sing in thirds, fourths, fifths and so on which also helps to improve your pitch. It’s often easy to slide off a melody if you are hearing a harmony but by practicing harmonies you will also be learning to stay on key when singing with groups who add harmonies in the background.

The key to improving your vocals is to spend time practicing. With so much technology out there, there is always a way to find exactly what you need in the way of lessons. Nonetheless, if you can’t perfect your own voice, don’t worry! Technology is there to add all the effects that you haven’t yet mastered.

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