HURRICÄDE – “Anachronisms” (2014)

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A three year wait has been necessary to have a taste of Hurricäde’s third work (and first LP). The same three years that separate the first EP (Hurricäde, 2008) from the second (Pariah’s Pharos, 2011). What we find here is a slow cooking kitchen that combines with some increasingly intense and visceral songs, currently the key ingredients of the Girona-based.

The new record, Anachronisms (2014), comfirms their blind faith in the most difficult and precipitious paths, were the word standstill is equal to a cliff that is to be avoided at every instant, measure after measure. The sheer screaming adds up to a mathematic equation forming a roallercoaster that seems to never end. A clear example of this is the track Collapsed Bloom: constant changes of rhythm, unexpected beat variations, sharps riffs using minimal distortion and a powerful bassline that discharges in unison with a solid and creative drumming. But in this record there’s also a place for more emotive interludes (Adrift) and even nods to Fugazi or No More Lies.

The eight tracks that form Anachronisms have been recorded in Ultramarinos Costa Brava studios by Santi Garcia and mastered by Victor Garcia. It’s release is expected for the end of June 2014 by the hands of Saltamarges, Caleiah and Bridal Horse Records, as a 12” and 180 gram vinyl with artwork designed by Xavi Forné (Error! Design).

The LP presents us a power trio consolidated in itself and looking forward to hit the road again after many shows, where it’s had the chance to share the stage with comrades from the most “screamy” and visceral genre (Loma Prieta, Sed Non Satiata, Birds in Row) and play in some of the most beloved and honest festivals of the area (Sant Feliu Fest, Actitud Fest, Takio Fest, The Fiest, Festival Hoteler, Sugar Ilegal Fest) throughout the last five years.

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