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Husaria Records announce pre-orders for the first ever vinyl release of Fredrik Thordendal’s Special Defects’ ‘Sol NIger Within’

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As both audiophile editions of the deluxe 2LP gatefold package are strictly limited to 500 copies, Husaria Records advises signing up for the label’s mailing list now at for special Thursday access to early pre-order and a number of surprise deluxe packages of the first ever vinyl release of Fredrik Thordendal’s Special Defects’ Sol NIger Within, detailed in the recent mega-interview with label’s owner Tomek. The album will be out in June/July and the exact release date is yet to be determined and announced later! Stay tuned!

~ Fredrik Thordendal’s Special Defects’ Sol NIger Within – First Time On Vinyl! ~

✓ catalog number HR33
✓ 2×12″ LP
✓ edition of 1000–two variants: 500 units “Scott Hull cut” and 500 units “DMM cut”
✓ 200+gram discs pressed on the audiophile quality virgin black vinyl compound
✓ triple gatefold three-pocket jackets (with blood inner black print)
✓ cut at 45 RPM for best fidelity
✓ black poly lined inner sleeves
✓ mastering by Scott Hull at Masterdisk–500 copies from lacquers cut by Scott Hull at Masterdisk with high-end matte finish triple-gatefold jackets; 500 copies Direct Metal Mastering cut at GZ Media with gloss finish triple-gatefold jackets
✓ layouts by Seldon Hunt
✓ technical essay by Scott Hull
✓ speculative essay by Octarine Communications West/R Joseph Lee/Rod Smith

The release of Fredrik‘s masterpiece on vinyl marks the first time ever in history of music publishing where any album is offered to the public as both lacquer and DMM cut. You can find all the details, including track list and credits at SDFX page on Husaria HQ.

GO HERE to read the full interview with Husaria Records and learn a lor more about this exciting new release!

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