I DEFY offer their new album for free; announce comeback in 2013

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Swindon’s I DEFY have released their latest “Bridgeburner” album for free! The band have released the official word regarding their current status, the debt they’re got and their plans for the next year. Check it out below.

Go here to download this fine piece of metalcore music.


The band issued the following statement:

As you know we recently lost two key members of the band, we also lost our van and a lot of our gear.

Not only that, but due to the efforts we put it over the past few years with the album we’re all in a serious amount of trouble with money!

To give you an idea one of us is paying out £650 a MONTH on money spent with this album and gear etc etc

People have ended up with CCJ’s, have had to sell their cars… lost their jobs, Can’t pay bills or rent… and much more even worse sinarios!

Needless to say thus far we’ve been pretty unsuccessful, which of course is normal being such a small band at the moment!

Of course when it gets to the stage where it’s starting to do irreversible damage to your life, something has to be done so the difficult decision has been made to put ourselves in hiatus until April of 2013.

BUT!! In April, our debts would be completely paid off and we can finally start to maybe pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and hopefully come back with something even stronger! But until then we’re in a complete stalemate.

We are absolutely gutted that we have to do so but we’ve always strived to bring you the best out of everything we do and of course that all costs money and we’ve allowed ourselves to end up in real trouble because of this!

Though the question remains… what we do with this album we’ve spent the past TWO YEARS working on?

Well we believe that over the period of hiatus the best possible thing we can do is get this album out RIGHT NOW, for FREE… 100% FREE!!!

It’s yours to do with as you please!

Upload it to your YouTube.. post it on your website.. air it on your show.. make lyric videos.. review it… do whatever you like with it, but most of all enjoy it!

And hopefully this will keep some sort of interest up until April when we can come back with NEW songs for you all!! (Hopefully you wont totally forget about us haha!)

We have a Lyrics tab open on our Facebook page if you wish to have a look!

We’re sorry to have to bring you this news, but we all hope you enjoy the album! Until then we’ll all be working overtime at our jobs to dig ourselves out of this mess… wish us luck!!


The whole album is also available to stream and download from our facebook page! All the music videos are also still up there as normal!

Please share our music, please spread the word! Do not let this die out!

Thank you for all of your amazing support so far! It’s really been one hell of a roller coaster!!

Guy – James – Dave (The remaining members of I Defy)

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