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Iconic screamo act CITY OF CATERPILLAR unveil unreleased track

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Influential screamo band CITY OF CATERPILLAR have shared an unreleased song titled ‘As The Curtains Dim’, written in 2002 and expanding the recent news of the band’s 2017 reunion tour. Listen below and scroll further down to check out the band’s new rematered version of their split record with PG.99.

Photo by Fil Mako.

Guitarist / vocalist Brandon Evans commented for NPR magazine, who premiered the track last week:

I remember we were listening to The Cure’s Pornography tape every day in the van on the way to the recording studio during this album’s sessions. I can definitely see its impact on some of our mixing and dubbing decisions in this track. Not that it was written with that influence; more so influencing the after-tweaking.
It’s strange; absurdly ironic, really… this song’s lyrics were written from the perspective of an artist who has decided to die. The lyrics are about watching the audience and admirers taking in your last work, as if a ghost. The lyrics talk about the audience all entering and locking into a groove, swaying to the artist’s emotions and being, though they don’t know it’s all long gone.

Parts of the lyrics say:

“Well I just can’t seem
To see which me I was in the beginning.
Right then, I wasn’t me.
Close your eyes
As I spill
These dying limbs
Sway your bodies
As I turn my back
‘Cos I’m scared I’ll cringe at this ghost I am
With a passing grin,
You nod your head as the poet’s dead.”

Somehow, ironically, this song has become exactly what the lyrics painted, without any purposeful planning. It’s surreal; it almost feels like we prophesied and willed this whole moment. The band died 13 years ago, and yet here we are, releasing things and playing shows and entertaining, more so than when we were alive. We have actualized becoming the ghost.

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