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In Grandpa’s empty house – hearty screamo / post hardcore act AMONG TIDES shares story behind new captivating album

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The story behind this EP is an interesting personal journey, especially for Clément Memin, one of the members of Le Man, France based screamo / post hardcore band AMONG TIDES. As the music industry has been hit hard by COVID with live shows, venues and rehearsal spaces the biggest casualty, the band lost their rehearsal space and after days of research, they thought of Clément’ empty grandpa house. Left for a care home, the elderly gentlemen left his place and made it possible to give it a new life. That’s how the Bleubonheur EP started to come together.

“We started composing in Jan 2021 in this empty house, in North west countryside of France, in the middle of the fields.” – says Clément.

“After no rehearsal since months, we decided to take possession of my grandparents house, empty since my grandpa left for a home care. Dealing with shitty electricity, broken glasses by a loud amp, cables chewed by rats, we have spent months in this unique isolation.”

AMONG TIDES recording

Truly enjoying their stay at an old house house filled with personal charm, privacy, and intimacy, the band took their time to have fun, but also integrate and solidify their band. “Personally I was in a strange mood all the way cause I know this house since I was born, and being here, making some heavy stuff was completely unlikely!” – admits Clément.

“Like if two worlds that have nothing to do with each other met. When time to plan the record has come, naturally we said « It’s obvious we have to do it here ! ». to close the loop that covid had opened.”

AMONG TIDES recording

The EP was recorded on May 22nd, during two effective sessions. “With all the constraints of the house, that was not too easy.”  says Clément.

“I tried weird mic positions. Some finally were pretty good, some weren’t! Some of us slept in a caravan near the house, that was completely roots! More personally, I had an event that turned the end of the recording upside down, my grandfather passed away just before the 2nd weekend, it was surreal that it happened at this time. I was sad of course, but still, making our own stuff in good company, doing what I love with the best guys, in his home’s life, I was in a really weird mood.”

AMONG TIDES recording

Bleubonheur is out now on digital and soon on tape. Artwork by Anne Pelosi (@anneetlesimages). Recorded and Mixed by Clement Memin. Mastered by Role at “die tonmeisterei“.


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