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NIHILIST DEATH CULT (members ex-Pestilence, Abyss, Tribe of Pazuzu, Soulstorm) premiere new song & music video “You Get What You Deserve”

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Formed in 2018 by Nick Sagias on bass and v ocals (Tribe of Pazuzu, Soulstorm, Overthrow, ex-Pestilence) and his brother John Sagias on drums (Soulstorm, Abyss) along with guitarists Ethan Bolduc (Jaww, Abyss), and Rick Kowalski (Soulstorm, Bound By Defiance), Toronto’s NIHILIST DEATH CULT will be unleashing their debut album entitled “Death To All Tyrants” this coming December. The album features nine quick strikes to the jugular of hardcore death punk recorded and mixed by Scott Middleton (ex-Cancer Bats). It’s short and sweet with a running time o f just under 15 minutes, but it delivers a full dose of whiplash and speedy licks. Today we’re stoked to give you the band’s new music video for the song “You get What You Deserve”

The single is directed to those who are always talking shit but never do anything:

“Your once proud moment is all in the past, what have you done all these years?” – comments the band. “Instead of writing more technical and trying to be complicated, we took the opposite approach and focused on the riffs, having strong catchy riffs was important to us, we were never worried about song lengths or slowing down, or having a soft mellow part in the middle section like most bands do… these songs are deliberately short and intense to capture the anger and hate in the mood of the songs… to keep the pace relentless… an execution to the songs with a “no compromise” attitude”. This should appeal to most fans of music I’ve done in the past, whether it be Overthrow, Soulstorm, or Tribe of Pazuzu… I feel it still retains my writing style while also expressing another facet/feel of my writing… my writing has always been on the darker side with anger and hate mixed in for attitude… I want to bring that back to punk and metal, the hate, anger, fire… relentless fast music.”

Nihilist Death Cult was born after the ending of Toronto underground legends Soulstorm, of which Nick Sagias was a founding member.

“I felt it in my heart that I needed to get back to the roots, the fast styles I grew up on, punk, thrash, death metal after I ended Soulstorm in 2016, so I started writing in the style of death metal for what I was going to eventually call my other band Tribe of Pazuzu. During the writing phase in 2017/2018, I came up with the name Nihilist Death Cult first for this other new death metal project, after letting that sit for a month or two I realized it was a more punk-sounding name and I already had a handful of riffs in the hardcore punk style that I ended up arranging and being the first 5 songs for NDC. I sent them to my brother John and he liked it right away and was down to make it happen, which was awesome because I always loved his dbeat style and feel of drumming.”

Relentless savage hardcore death punk grind, NIHILIST DEATH CULT should appeal to most fans of band members’ previous and current endeavours, whether it be Jaww, Abyss, Overthrow, Soulstorm, Tribe of Pazuzu (ft. Flo Mounier (drums -Cryptopsy), John McEntee – guitar, Incantation – first two EPs). “Death To All Tyrants” is meant to bring back the anger, the fire, and the brooding fast music meant to be in punk and metal.

“This album is about how the corporate sponsored news media feeds you the stories and ideas they are paid to push… it’s about the victims standing up to the tyrants… it’s about choosing your own path and not blindly following norms if they don’t suit you.” says Nick Sagias.


Live, fans can expect seasoned veterans to go up on stage and put on a show to match the energy of their extreme music that’s ferocious and devastating.

Recommended for fans of Poison Idea, early DRI, early Bad Brains, Nails, Terrorizer and CroMags, Nihilist Death Cult’s album “Death To All Tyrants” is due out on December 2, 2022.

Album Recording Band Line Up:​ Nick Sagias – Bass/Vocals, John Sagias – Drums, Ethan Bolduc – Guitar
Live Band Line Up:​ Nick Sagias – Bass/Vocals, John Sagias – Drums, Ethan Bolduc – Guitar, Rick Kowalski – Guitar

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