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Indie folk artist Simon Alexander premieres new single “Freeloaders”, shares top Swedish acts worth a listen!

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Simon Alexander, an indie folk/rock artist from Sweden, has just released his latest single, “Freeloaders“, and we’ll pleased to give you a quick introduction to his craft and a special playlist of his choice that showcases some of the noteworthy current acts in Sweden, serving as an exciting new discovery for alternarnative music lovers.

Freeloaders” is an atmospheric and guitar-driven indie rock track with a hint of 90’s alternative sound that will be on full display on Simon’s upcoming EP Evermore, to be released in May.

Simon has been playing music since childhood. He began his musical journey as a drummer. He had the opportunity to explore different genres ranging from ska-punk to metal as a band member. However, as he entered his twenties, Simon felt the urge to create and perform his own music. To fulfill this creative ambition, Simon honed his guitar skills and eventually became confident enough to launch his solo project. Through this new venture, Simon was able to explore and experiment with his unique style and create his own music.

Simon Alexander by Ian Mocha Moloney
Simon Alexander by Ian Mocha Moloney

“I got to know my producer/guitarist Tobias as I was studying songwriting in Malmo so we spent an entire summer making my first EP in 2017.” – comments Simon.

“From there on the ball just got rolling as I signed with a label, started playing all around Scandinavia and releasing my first albums. But then it all kinda came to a halt as I somewhere lost why I was doing it. So I took a small break from it. But now I’m back with a bunch of new material and a rawer sound. We wanted to capture a 90’s vibe but with a modern feel, like if Weezer released their blue album today.”

Simon draws inspiration from various sources. His musical taste is diverse, and he is open to exploring different genres and styles to keep his creativity flowing. He finds that anything with a unique or compelling sound can ignite his creativity. One artist who has always been a source of inspiration for Simon is Matt Corby. Currently, he is drawn to bands like Idles and Shame. Simon is also a fan of Dina Ögon, a Swedish band whose music he finds intriguing.

My lyrics are almost always introspective, and drawn from some sort of memory.” – says Simon I’m more comfortable speaking about things from my youth now days, so I think that has opened up som doors for me lyrically. But then I always have to spice things up with some fiction, so not all I sing about has really happened.

“Freeloaders is more or less a depiction of how I felt in my early twenties; becoming an adult in a small seaside town, with no prospects but with big dreams.” – he admits. “Then all of a sudden it was over and you’re all grown up, with just a bunch of memories that up until a moment ago was your mundane reality. Aging is strange really.”

Simon has exciting plans for the year ahead, as he announces the release of his new EP in May. With a potential lineup of shows throughout Scandinavia, Simon is hopeful for a busy year of performances and opportunities. Beyond this, he is also setting his sights on international ventures, eager to expand his reach and share his music with a wider audience. Fans can also look forward to an upcoming acoustic album, slated for release later this year.

With these exciting projects on the horizon, Simon is enthusiastic about what the future holds for his music career.

Meanwhile, check out Simon’s top picks for some of the noteworthy Swedish acts worth a good listen:

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