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Indie rockers OLDSOUL embrace growth and collaboration in their third LP “Education on Earth”

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Massachusetts-based alternative rock band Oldsoul announces the release of their third LP, “Education on Earth,” via Counter Intuitive Records on August 18. The band, known for their unique blend of intricate instrumentation, lush arrangements, and emotionally charged lyrics, embarks on a new sonic journey characterized by themes of growth, perseverance, collaboration, and ego.

Oldsoul, formed in 2015, spent their early years honing their skills in college basements and through multiple DIY tours across the Northeast, Midwest, and Southern US. They released two EPs before signing with Counter Intuitive Records and releasing their debut LP “Coy” in 2018. Their second LP, “You Were Overwhelmed,” led them on their most extensive tour to date, which was abruptly halted by the global pandemic.

This period of upheaval and isolation, accompanied by multiple lineup changes, left the core songwriting duo of Jess Hall (vocals/guitar) and Tom Stevens (guitar/backing vocals) to rethink their creative path. The pair spent a year writing collaboratively, building off their individual song ideas, and meticulously refining each moment. Their hard work culminated in “Education on Earth,” a cohesive narrative of their shared desire to push forward, battle inner demons, and resist the pull of nostalgia.

Oldsoul continues their partnership with producer Zach Weeks at God City in Salem, MA. Weeks has been instrumental in shaping the band’s unique sound over multiple recording sessions. The band’s latest offering is a diverse set of songs, including lead single “Lavender Cane,” which masterfully oscillates between catchy pop sounds and intense emotional climaxes.

Despite their evolving sound and lineup, the band’s core philosophy remains the same: creating music that’s deeply personal and poetically opaque, leaving listeners to derive their own meaning. This philosophy is reinforced by Jess Hall’s vocal prowess, seamlessly transitioning from soft and nostalgic tones to blistering and cathartic yells.

Oldsoul has previously toured with renowned bands like Illuminati Hotties, Prince Daddy & the Hyena, Bears In Trees, and others. They’ve enjoyed press coverage from leading outlets like BrooklynVegan, Substream, The Alternative, and Under the Radar Mag. Their song “Like No Surprise” even made it to the popular video game Rock Band 4.

Other standout tracks from “Education on Earth” include “Crystal,” a dramatic exploration of unraveling, characterized by structural changes and earthly themes. The focus track “Shots of Gold” is inspired by an anonymous poem and presents a snapshot of nostalgic yet sinister memories.


Keep your ears out for “Education on Earth,” Oldsoul’s ambitious third LP, a testament to their growth, collaboration, and relentless spirit.

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