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Indonesian beatdown hardcore pack WOLFBREATH throws power punches with debut album “Disintegrasi”

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Tackling issues like social justice and equality, politics, corruption, and religion, “Disintegrasi” by Magelang, Indonesia based heavy hardcore / beatdown quartet WOLFBREATH masterfully executes unrelenting breakdowns and and blends metallized brutality with controlled demolition. As hardcore and metal infused styles and sub-genres continues to evolve, it’s always nice to be knocked out by something deliberately less sophisticated and progressive. Inspired by acts like First Blood, CDC, Nasty, Slayer, Seringai, or Sunami, WOLFBREATH delivers that punch expertly and it is our pleasure to give us a special look into each and every track from “Disintegrasi“.

Formed in 2017, WOLFBREATH entered their local hardcore scene of Magelang, Indonesia with a bang, but the Covid pandemic got in their way massively. “Eventhough we can’t do tours after releasing the album because of pandemic but at least we can still feel that hardcore scene is still exist.” – says the band. “And we can still do something for this band even if slowly but sure.”

“By promoting the first album on this platform, hopefully it will be an opportunity for us to go further and develop more quality in this scene. Hopefully this album will also be a trigger for us to always criticize things that are inappropriate and unfair in the political, social, and religious worlds.”

WOLFBREATH are: Vincentius Chandra Krisantama on vocals, Muhammad Fikri Maulana on bass, Petrus Dian Agus and Ignatius Setyo Wiwoho on guitars, and Fidelis Kevin Aprilio on drums. 

Recorded and released through the band’s own stdio / label Beatjeat Stronger. Artwork by GCK Studio.

1. Intro – Before you’re going to listen the album you’ll definitely find an intro, it’s a heavy instrumental music we have wrote to begin the whole music.

2. Disintegrasi – On this song, we wanna tell you all about so many horrible things that happened because unharmonic relation between people or conflict. It’s also kinda offend to social and politic issues to describe whats on the album.

3. Pantas Mati – There are so many trouble and injustice in the governance, one of it is corruption. Those things are the reason why we wrote this song. This song is destined to those corruptors who has no shame feeling robed the money, broke everything and they hide behind the lies they always tell in the parlement.


4. Lawan – Well, the next one is called Lawan. The stories about this song is, because those unpredictable bad things that has done by the bad authorities in the parlement, or authorities that hides under religion, etc that likes to spread the lies and caused some troubles. Those things are some reasons why the injusties or even chaos is happening

5. Mathafacka – This song is inspired by so many crazy things such as war for territory, eviction, some trouble that fucks the poor which is definitely hurt our heart too. Thats why we wanna speak out whats inside our heart to fight those horrible things.

6. Fight For All – Justice is the reason why social-welfare happens. If there’s no justice the social-walfare is just a bullshit and its gonna make the rich get rich, and poor get poor. On this song we wanna tell people to fight the injustice.

7. Outro  – And well we’ve been on the last music, its also an instrumental heavy music to close the album.

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