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Industrial noise collective John Cxnnor strikes back with electro energy in new collaboration with progressive synth punk trio HIRAKI

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The industrial noise collective, John Cxnnor, has teamed up with the progressive synth punk trio, HIRAKI. With a penchant for 90’s aesthetics and the original CUBE and BLADE films, John Cxnnor and HIRAKI have created a dystopian rave set in a claustrophobic scene with the new single “Common Coma”.

John Cxnnor (DEN) is a new electronic, industrial noise act consisting of dark beats and multiple guest vocalists inspired by the sonic and visual universe surrounding the Terminator franchise and other classic movies of that time. Formed by the two brothers, Ketil and Rasmus G. Sejersen, who are also members of the post-apocalyptic metal group, LLNN (Pelagic Records).

The duo incorporates a variety of styles, including trip hop, hardcore metal and sci-fi movie scores in their music productions including self-produced sound recordings of hydraulic crushed metal scraps and music instruments trashed with hammers.

John Connor

As a part of Denmark’s flourishing underground scene for dark and heavy music, the HIRAKI trio deploys an aggressive style of progressive synthpunk from the edge of the abyss. The band presents this sonic assault to accompany the inevitable fact that our world is sick, and we all take part in maintaining the fucked up systemic structures.

The vocals from “Common Coma” (original song is titled “Common Fear”) originates from HIRAKI’s critically acclaimed 2021 album ‘Stumbling Through The Walls’ (Nefarious Industries). Brooklyn Vegan wrote: “HIRAKI don’t exactly sound like The Armed, but if you like that band, you’ll probably like this one too. Both bands are punk in spirit but genre-defying in sound, and both make genuinely killer, fresh-sounding heavy music.”


GO HERE and HERE to see two previously released singles from John Cxnnor.

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