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Industrial noise collective JOHN CXNNOR destroys hardcore with new crushing collaboration with EYES

As a one year anniversary celebration of their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Underperformer’, Copenhagen hardcore mongers EYES is set to release the remix EP ‘Reperformer’ on September 24th via Indisciplinarian (Digital/CD) – featuring four new remixed renditions, of four different tracks, by four different artists. Reinterpreted, re-imagined, re-told and reperformed in a quite frivolous and fittingly disrespectful spirit – very much like ‘Underperformer’ itself.

Today, EYES releases the EP’s lead single in cooperation with the industrial collective JOHN CXNNOR in the shape of ‘Off Future’. The track is more than a remix being a complete rework of the ‘Underperformer’ track, which thus becomes a whole new track. Simultaneously, a music video created by photographer Rasmus G. Sejersen (John Cxnnor, LLNN) is now released and is now available over at Indisciplinarian’s YouTube channel and above.

Lead singer Victor Kaas states: “During the recording of ‘Underperformer’, our producer would replay small snippets of the drums tracks over and over, to do some early stage mixing. It turned into a bit of a joke in the control room to shout “remix!” whenever it happened, as it would sometimes sound similar to a four on floor kick, as you’d hear in electronic music. The joke waned out, but the idea stuck and we passed it on to a few colleagues in the hardcore scene, who also produce electronic music in some capacity. We’re super stoked on how all the reworks turned out and how each track has their own distinct personality.”

John Cxnnor-member and video director Rasmus Sejersen elaborates: “As huge fans of EYES, we were quite excited to create a rework of the original song ‘Off’ from their album ‘Underperformer’. When the band mailed us the vocal tracks, we realised how Victor’s insane vocals are almost rap-based in terms of flow and rhythm.

Therefore we decided to create an electronic heavy-bass-track combined with dark industrial to match Victor’s screaming vocals. We hope you’ll enjoy our rework ‘Off Future’.”

EYES by Rasmus G. Sejersen

EYES by Rasmus G. Sejersen

Twisted Copenhagen hardcore mongers EYES released their debut album ‘Underperformer’ this past September and scorching eyes and ears with their unique fusion of punk and metallic hardcore, leaving no confronted soul unstirred, not at least through their fantastically entertaining music videos. EYES will perform a string of fall shows in DK and also at By:Larm Festival in Oslo, as well as shows abroad and at Copenhell in 2022.

JOHN CXNNOR exploded onto the scene in early 2021 with the single release of ‘Dead Sister Merope’ (out on Season Of Mist) – a haunting, dark and seepingly atmospheric industrial take on the original ‘Dead Sister’ by dark folk singer songwriter The Devil’s Trade. The duo consists of brothers Ketil and Rasmus G. Sejersen, also members of post-apocalyptic metal group LLNN and founders of Gravitated Sound Studio. Their reinterpretation of ‘Off’ turns one of ‘Underperformer’s most chaotic songs into a half tempo, heavy and noisy hip-hop track.

Under his producer moniker JOJO BENIMON, Jonas Maigaard of blackened screamo darlings Demersal transforms ‘Underperformer’s lead single ‘Distance’ into a modern drum ‘n’ bass slapper with crunchy synths, phat bass and binaural sound design.

Hailing from Århus, post-hardcore/screamo trio PUKE WOLF delivers the most experimental entry on the EP with their intense and challenging noise-trap take on ‘Surf’ – as much a remix as a rearrangement and total reimagining, featuring new vocal recordings and even “[..] a sprinkle of Vesterhavet [The North Sea] in there.”

pןnʞ aka. Tim Frederiksen, ⅓ of abrasive noise rock act Hiraki, literally turns the title track off of ‘Underperformer’ on its head, recontextualizing the short hook as a huge chorus in a synthwave-inspired stadium anthem.

The CD edition of ‘Reperformer’ (in a jewel case with no features at all, limited to 100 copies) can be pre-ordered HERE, and the EP can be digitally pre-saved HERE.

EYES live 2021:

17.09.21 – Copenhagen Metal Fest DK)

30.09.21 – By:Larm, Oslo (NO)
02.10.21 – Loppen, Copenhagen (DK)
15.10.21 – Gimle, Roskilde (DK)
21.10.21 – Kansas City, Odense (DK)

22.10.21 – Radar, Aarhus (DK)

23.10.21 – 1000fryd, Aalborg (DK)

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