INSIDE-PROJECT to release their new album soon

INSIDE-PROJECT have announced that they will be releasing their new studio album “A History of Violence” next Wednesday (May 16th).

From a press release:

In 2009, Inside-Project, french thrash-hardcore act released a debut EP entitled “Alone facing death”. First strike = first victims and the born of a new metal creature mixing metalcore / thrash metal and punk for an agressive cocktail of huge sound and very powerfull riffs with corrosive & destructive energy.

Three years later, inspired by the death and thrash metal scene of the 90s, Inside-Project is going to unleash its new metallic beast with “A history of violence”, a first full length album consisting in eleven tracks of an ode to the everyday violence and the vices of the human race.

Available yet on digital, “A history of violence” will hit your ears on CD on May 16th. Be prepared…

By the way, in the meantime, the album is available for entire streaming through Deezer.

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