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Instrumental post-rock quintet YENISEI premiere multi-layered, beautiful new album “Reflections”

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YENISEI‘s second full length album Reflections hits the streets this Friday, October 22, 2021 across all streaming platforms, and today we have the priviledge to give you an early stream, in cooperation with Where Post Rock Dwells, who are hosting the full stream above!

Written and recorded during the pandemic, Reflections is a thoughtful and inspiring record that is a wonderful follow-up to their 2019 acclaimed debut album, The Last Cruise, and grants the listeners most harmony.

Recorded by Tomasz Stołowski at Nebula Studio Poland / Mixed and mastered by Maciej Karbowski at Nebula Studio Poland / Guest vocals on “No Escape” by Marta Młynarczyk

Formed in 2018, Yenisei is an instrumental post-rock quintet from Kraków, Poland. The band started out as a 4 piece metal band but after a brief struggle with finding a good vocalist for their sound after the former vocalist left the band, they decided to write unconventional instrumental rock music. Their vision was strengthened when Rafał Piniaź joined the band and his atmospheric keys and samples exuded an atmospheric and ethereal vibe for their compositions. In late 2019, Yenisei recorded and released their debut album “The Last Cruise” which received significant attention and interest throughout the post-rock community.

Yenisei Reflections

Unfortunately due to the pandemic taking the whole world by a storm in 2020, Yenisei’s tour plans were halted and they only managed to play one show in Kraków with Transmission Zero. However, they remained steadfast even in the face of a lockdown and improvised to write their second full length album ‘Reflections’ remotely. Out of 20 ideas, 10 were carefully chosen for the album. The album was recorded in Nebula Studios (managed by the members of Tides from Nebula) in early 2021 and is scheduled to release on October 22, 2021 across all platforms.

‘Reflections’ is set to transport listeners to alternate realms of existence. It represents both maturity and brevity than their debut album as they explore more experimental elements that succinctly summarises the evolved vision of the journey the band began with ‘The Last Cruise’. Reflections is a purposeful exploration through moments of light and dark as it delicately interweaves a wide array of emotions, internal dilemmas and an omnipresent nostalgia.

Yenisei Reflections

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