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Introducing: fuzzy power pop rockers NO BLUES!

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It’s been 1,5 years since the break up of Hamilton’s raw hardcore punks BORN WRONG  and we’ve been really missing their edgy sound that made them a great listen! Now, it turns out that the band has reformed playing noisy power pop jams in retirement and… they are already soon-to-be-extinct entity! We caught up witht hem to find out who’s who, ask what’s up and find out about their possible future  moves.

Although these Canadians still play in local acts like BLACK BARON and SCRAPHEAP, and all previously worked together in the recently defunct but well renown BORN WRONG, No Blues draws influence from past and contemporary power pop sizzlers like THE NERVES, RADIOACTIVITY and LOVE TRIANGLE, also offhandedly mentioning “…bands like TENEMENT and DARK THOUGHTS but a bit less punk a little more TONY MOLINA”. / Blow Blood Records

Who’s in the band? Are all BORN WRONG members involved?

The backing band is the majority of Born Wrong. I wrote and recorded all of the tracks but the Born Wrong dudes dug them and wanted to do it live with me …as for members of the live band…

There were way to many bass players to actually count in the initial band! Brandon is back on drums and John on lead guitar. Kyle – a dude from Brandon’s other band Scrapheat- is on bass now and I play guitar and sing.

What promped you to launch this lighthearted sounding project

I’ve always wanted to do something more melodic and I recently became absolutely infatuated with a woman… i had no choice but to write as many love songs for her as possible.

Will you ever come back with a heavier sound?

Not on lead vocals ever… i recent had another project where i recorded everything called “Barb’s Child” between that and No Blues, I will be leaving the “lead vocal” realm after this is finished… and all of the No Blues recordings are done and at the pressing plant so… i guess technically I’m already done haha.

So what’s the plan with NO BLUES? Any live shows you guys have planned for the coming months?

The band has a beginning and end trajectory already… we released a 5 song demo on Blow Blood Records out of Australia earlier in the year… and SPHC out of Baltimore is putting out two 7” singles that have 5 total tracks combined… and then finally SPHC will be releasing a “Collection LP” with the original demo, 7”s and 5 unreleased songs. Well do a couple shows for the release of each and then call it a day!

As for shows… were playing Buffalo March 29th with the Bugg and Facility men at electric avenue then happy dog west in Cleveland with fascinating and Sammy Slims the next night… Facility Men is coming up to Hamilton for our SPHC 7” release at the Dawg Pound with Love Serum and the Drips May 12th.


Lastly, what’s up in Hamilton’s alt / underground scene these days? Any cool initiatives or artists you’d like to recommend for our readers?

I mentioned Barb’s Child… a bunch of tapes/digital releases I did that have been compiled into a collection LP by GTTG records…

Black Baron is still kicking around, coke jaw, anything from Barton Street records in terms of “on point” noise stuff. I love a new band that formed out a band i was drumming with a while back called X45… they are called Gilded Age… just caught their first show last week and they were really great. Get off the Cop out of Hamilton is really cool and often overlooked… not Hamilton but check out Paul Jacobs and in the same vein “pretty Matty” from Montreal and “the sight” from Cleveland! wool


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