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Introducing: GAZZAN, new project featuring Aaron and Lenny Melnick and other members of INTEGRITY

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Featuring INTEGRITY founding members, Aaron and Lenny Melnick, and later members Blaze Tishko and Rob Orr, GAZZAN forge a new path into metal and hardcore. The collaboration of these four musicians produce some of the best music of their careers – powerful, brutal and melodic. GAZZAN mark the fierce return to music of the Melnick Brothers. Aaron “A Double” and Leon Micha have been creating music together all their lives, but never before have they had this level of mature talent. Their musicianship soars to new heights. Listen below and see for yourself. This is the first studio work of the band – a four song EP titled EXTINCTION. Recorded at the infamous Mars Compound by engineer Bill Korecky, the longtime collaborator of so many Cleveland hardcore and metal bands. Mars Studio’s sound is iconic.

While the powerhouse driving solos of Blaze Tishko always promise a face melting experience. Blaze’s technicality and complexity add a depth to GAZZAN’s  songs. Rounding out the unit, multi-instrumentalist, Rob Orr, meets Leon’s thundering bass with monstrous drum beating to unleash a bestial rhythm section. The recent addition of AMERICAN WEREWOLVES singer Trevor Moment’s howling vocals seals the circle to invoke a demon of metal!!

With EXTINCTION’s four songs GAZZAN create a riff assault built from straightforward metal and old school hardcore. GAZZAN prove they can write new, exciting material that appeals to old fans and new.

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