Introducing: Italian screamo band NOYÉ!

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Cesena, Italy’s NOYÉ have recently released their new impressive album “Tra l’istante e l’assoluto”, once again proving that there are literally hundreds of overlooked artists who contribute to independent music scenes beyond the marketability. IDIOTEQ is here to bring you more and more artists like that and I am greatly honored to present you this young quintet. NOYÉ delivers an emotive, indie rockish, delicate and spacey type of screamo / post hardcore that results in catchy, passionate and engaging outcomes. Also, as it goes with many foreign languagues in music, it’s really not necessary to understand Italian for this emotional delivery to be extremely moving.

Listen to the full record below and scroll down to read the interview and watch a quality music video for NOYÉ‘s album track “Idillio”:

Hey there guys! Thanks so much for taking some time with IDIOTEQ! How are you? How’s Cesena? Please tell us a bit about your closest neighborhood and the region of Emilia-Romagna.

Hi! First of all thank you guys for having us on IDIOTEQ. Cesena is a little city of Emilia-Romagna and it’s close both to the seaside and the mountains, there has always been a lot of cool places in which bands could play shows, but the local scene (I’m talking about Italy) has never been well supported, and I think it’s one of the worst of the whole Europe, even if lately it’s seeing a recovery thanks to people that really care about it.

Wow, since I interviewed dozens of Italian bands, I must say I have a bit different feeling. Do you travel a lot? What other places, both Italian and outside your country, would you say are definitely thriving when it comes to independent music scenes?

Unfortunately at the moment we don’t travel a lot, we spent our last year writing the new album and now that it’s out we’d like to play more show as possible to promote it, but it’s not so easy. I think that the Venice scene is becoming huge since there were a big Hardcore Fest in May, but outside our country there are a lot of cool events that recur every year like the Fluff Fest, and in Italy we really lack this sort of things.

Ok, so please tell us a bit about the band, your background as musicians and the inception of NOYÉ.

NOYÉ, literally drown or lost, is a 5 pieces band, Alessandro, Luca, Manuel, Marco (that has lately given way to Ivan) and Matteo, with members from different generations (from 19 to 29 years old).
We all have different influences: raw punk, screamo, 90’s emo, and post rock, but we all share the melancholy that is a consistent part of our songs.

NOYÉ new album

Video by VMultimedia.

What was the concept behind “Tra l’istante e l’assoluto”?

“Tra l’istante e l’assoluto” is about the deteriorating of a relationship up to its end, the solitude and the quarrels that derive from it, it’s about the desire to restart with the hope that everything come back to a balance.

What inspired these themes?

Mostly personal experiences lived by one or plus members, but even reflections aimed at achieving a momentary interior peace.

Does this amazing cover reflect these ideas?

When we were thinking about the covert art we didn’t have finished the song yet, but inevitably the two things collided; the hands represent life and the paper swans (wise and brave creatures) represent fragile people.

NOYÉ cover art

Your record seems to be a very authentic and honest. Do you think that today’s independent music industry and musicians today are honest enough? How would you describe your local music environment?

When there’s heart there’s even honesty, we make music to convey our emotions and because we love it; we don’t feel able to judge a world that’s bigger than us, if the independent musicians live music as we live it I think it’s a good compromise of honesty.

In our area most of all the bands live the music as we do, at least our friends do.

NOYÉ live

Live photo by Alberto Bandini Photography.

Any names worth checking out that you’d like to share here?

As bands HANNYA, BYMYSIDE, SO LONG ASTORIA, LA PROSPETTIVA, TUMULTO and RIVIERA, some of them are involved in projects like show bookings (Cannibal Collective, Cause Care).

We’d like to thanks also CM Graphics and Nero Atto Tattoo Studio for the graphics, VMultimedia and Blackflare for the videos.

Alright guys, so are there some plans to hit European road with this new amazing work of yours?

Now we’re arranging some shows around Italy to promote the album but it would be an amazing goal for us to play in other countries, we’d like to tour Germany and the countries around us, and maybe a day even the UK and Russia, but at the moment it’s only a dream.

What else does the future hold for NOYÉ? What can we look forward to?

We’ll try to spread our music as much as possible, know new people, have fun and entertain, and maybe write a new album for the end of the new year.

Cool. Thanks a lot guys! Feel free to add your last words and good luck in all future endeavors!

We’d like to thanks our friends, the people mentioned in the previous answers and you guys for this interview.

NOYÉ Facebook
NOYÉ Bandcamp
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