Introducing: melodic hardcore act HEART & HARM

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HEART & HARM‘s latest EP “Pathei Mathos” is the example that vouches for their melody-ridden hard hitting sound. With more recording plans to come this spring and tour routings in the works, they’ll be one of the hard working bands around. Check out their struggle with a generic subgenre limitations and metal inspired, progressive tunes and see what they got – the full interview is available below.

The band has recently unveiled a new track called ‘Damage’, which serves as the title track for their upcoming new EP, to be released on April 27th 2015. Scroll down to find it.

What’s up fellas? How are you? Please drop us a couple of lines about the band. Where do you come from?

Hey, we’re HEART & HARM, a four-piece melodic hardcore band from Windsor, Ontario Canada.

So you’re practically Detroit citizens, huh? How do these cities compare in terms of local music scene activities? Are you frequent visitors to the US part of the agglomeration?

Shows across the border are usually pretty packed and a bit more aggressive. Windsor, being a smaller city, you would imagine that the shows wouldn’t be as intense. Windsorites are tough as nails and are not afraid to show it, we’re pretty good at keeping up. We love visiting America to attend shows, it’s never a dull moment. We hope to play across the border sometime soon.

IDIOTEQ interviews are always a great opportunity to learn about new artists. Are there any current local bands that are really knocking you out these days?

The talent in southwestern Ontario these days and even in the past is insane. Our list of locals that really impress us would be way too long for this short interview, but to name a few: FALSIFIER, AMNESTY, EXIT LIFE, and POMEGRANATE TIGER are all bands to look out for.

Ok guys, enough geography. Let’s deal with your stuff now. Tell us more about the forming of HEART & HARM and the main idea behind your debut EP “Pathei Mathos”.

HEART & HARM started just over a year ago. Originally, the four of us were a part of a local metal band and after a number of lineup changes, the genre started to change as well. We saw this as an opportunity to start fresh and start doing things the way we really wanted to do them. After a while, we had dropped Pathei Mathos to get our name and some material out there. The four tracks on the EP were some of the first songs we had written at the time and we had enough faith in them to know that they would give everyone a general idea of what we were about. Overall, I think we received a pretty good response.

Have you played a lot of gigs so far? How were your first shows?

We’ve played a ton of local shows over the past year, we feel like they just get better every time. We’re always trying to improve and play a better show than the previous one. It’s always a blast though, playing shows never gets old.


If you could play a gig at 3 desired places in the world what would they be and what bands would you out on the bill?

Playing in America would be awesome, heading over to Europe or Australia would be a dream come true, and I think it’s safe to say playing with some of the bands we grew up listening to like TRIVIUM, HIM, SLIPKNOT etc. would be amazing.

Were there any other memorable moments that took place in your short history? How would you sum up 2014 and the first months of this year?

So far this whole experience has been super fun for all of us. We’ve been jamming together for a long time now but this band has only been the most recent part of our history together and overall 2014 treated us very well. Being able to play a ton of shows, and having support in our scene has been incredible, and definitely not taken for granted. That is definitely something for us to remember. 2014 was great to us and 2015 is looking even better. We’re excited, to say the least.

You’ll be announcing new recording and touring plans for the coming months, right? Can you shoot us some details on that? Have you finalized plans for the new record? Will there be a label involved?

Our new EP, Damage, has just finished being mixed and mastered and we’re looking for a Spring release date, around late April or early May. Thanks to Border City Agency, we’re going to be on a few short tour runs this spring and summer around Ontario and Quebec.

Great! What else can we expect from HEART & HARM from now and beyond?

Expect a lot of new music, and shows. Expect a never say die attitude. Expect to see an undying effort to get to where we want to be. We love doing what we do, not only for us, but for anyone who enjoys listening to our music.


How about your ultimate goal as a band? Do you one? Do you think that this project is a chance to update the landscape for the modern punk bands? How do you feel about the purpose of this band?

The purpose of our band is really just to have fun and hopefully turn some heads while sending a message of hope to people that really need it. Our main goal is to able to reach and help kids understand that although you’re going to go through tough times in life there’s always something you can come to and find solace in. I hope people find that in our music. I think our sound pushes the boundaries set in the melodic hardcore genre and truly makes us unique.

Alright buddies. Thanks for the intro and good luck for the rest of 2015! Cheers from Poland!

Anytime, and thanks for chatting with us!

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