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Introducing: new emotive hardcore band MY FRIEND FROM THE LAKE

Founded in late 2015, Cracow, Poland’s emo hardcore band MY FRIEND FROM THE LAKE (members of ESCAPISM and BEAVER) and their debut track is a real deal, clearly outlining their charging style of melodic, emotional post-hardcore. Please give it a listen and keep your fingers crossed for these guys creating an unforgettable chapter in Polish emo punk’s history. Great listen!

i’m overwhelmed by how much relativity is settled into decision-making process. excess of the factors that should be considered usually is proportional to the number of consequences that we will face after all is done, that can be so unexpected. thought process that we are heading, it follows that every single thing we experience creates us somehow. the thing is that we’ll never be able to predict every each possible effect. this might be treated as a greatest advantage or the biggest fear. our feet will end up on unknown ground anyway. there’s some beauty in coincidences and unexpected events. i’m quite surprised it is so hard, to stand whole life on my both feet.

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