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Sludge Doom Hardcore band VERDUN streaming new song

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The first track off the new VERDUN album has been premiered online! The French sludge/doom/hardcore outfit will release ‘The Eternal Drift’s Canticles’ on April 29th – the record is already up for pre-order from Throatruiner Records, Head Records and Lost Pilgrims Records (2xLP & CD).

«Arisen in 2011 from the fertile scene of Montpellier, France, VERDUN made a name in the realm of slow and heavy music on the basis of a simple three-tracks demo, leaving a strong impression on every witness of the band’s thunderous live shows. With a line-up solidified after a few european tours and opening slots for forefathers such as Electric Wizard, Eyehategod or YOB, the band finally delivers their long-awaited debut album, mixed and mastered by Tad Doyle.

«The Eternal Drift’s Canticles» is the fruit of three years of crafting; far from simple amp-worship, the band excels at creating memorable tracks with their science of instant-classic riffs. A richer background emanate from these guitars, able to tint their sludge/doom roots with metallic hardcore toughness or burden-of-the-world melodies. Another strong component of VERDUN’s trademark sound comes from these charismatic vocals, switching between echoed screams from outer space, spoken words or mournful clean vocals. With an arid, heavy as hell sound, «The Eternal Drift’s Canticles» is a 55-minutes dark and painful procession that transcends the heritage of too-often codified scenes, running away from simply rehashing the past.»

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