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Introducing: new noisy, grungy post hardcore punk act ROPE!

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We loved nearly every single thing delivered by our frequent guests from Italian horror hardcore punk quartet TUTTI I COLORI DEL BUIO, and today it is our pleasure to unveil the new project featuring their member Francesco Zack Simone Alessio, a noisy garage punk act called ROPE! Drawing from the roots of early hardcore punk, grunge and alt rock, the band took their new work to Will Killingsworth of the Ampere/Orchid fame and recorded a vital set of highly energizing tunes that push boundaries and pay homage to their wide influences. We’re thrilled to give you itsthe first listen of their new song “No More Chance?”, along with the band’s additional commentary about their musical and lyrical features and inspirations.

The track comes from the band’s upcoming debut record “Crimson Youth”, to be released soon via Italian labels Sonatine Produzioni, NoReason Records, Nothing Left Records, Fresh Outbreak Records, and Mother Ship.

For fans of: Pissed Jeans, Metz, OFF, Drive Like Jehu and everything in between hardcore punk and noise rock.

Recorded by Dave Donvito at Magma Studio in Turin Italy, mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth (Orchid/Ampere) at Dead Air Studios in Massachussets, USA. / ROPE is: Alessandro / Guitar (ex The Ponches), Alessio / Vocals (ex Tutti I Colori Del Buio and now in The Love Supreme), Simone / Bass (ex Tutti I Colori Del Buio and now in Peste), Francesco / Drums (ex Tutti I Colori Del Buio)

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ROPE band by

Alessio commented:

ROPE is a new band formed in early 2019 by members of The Ponches (punk rock from Turin) and Tutti I Colori Del Buio and Peste (hardcore punk from Turin) after the disbanding of Ponches and TICDB. The original idea was to play a mix between our first love in music like grunge, early american hardcore punk, noise rock, standing on the shoulders of Sub Pop rec, Dischord Records and SST records.

There’s not a real concept behind the album but all the lyrics are about life, specially the changes and the awareness of a 40yrs guy but with a still young and burning heart.

ROPE cover

Starting a new band is like starting a new life, is like to change your partner of move into a new family, it’s like build something from scratch. In doing this i took a look to my life, to life in general and I wrote these lyrics.

This album comes after less than a year of playing together and it’s really instinctive, after the end of our former bands we were seeking of something completely different in terms of sound, lyrics and approach. Everything was super natural, drum bass and vocals came from TICDB so we were very close both as musicians and persons and Alessandro fit in really quick, maybe jsut after two week we were already connected like a band.

In the next month we will play an handful of shows and some festivals, booking is on the way.

ROPE band

COVID-19 situation

About the recent situation, our country has been strongly hitten by this global disease and our region is among the two with the most critical situation.

Don’t know if the crisis management was right or wrong but our trust to the italian political establisment is very weak, we hope this will finish soon.

We need a huge amount of PMA in these days to overcome this situation.

Speaking of the effect on us as a band, all the upcoming shows are cancelled and no one knows how is gonna be the musical scene in the next months.

Sadly many people are involved as workers and most of them do not have any bonus or support for all of these months without work.

This is the worst effect in the musical field, we are so sad for our and other shows but we do care about people who make the shows possible and we hope they can have an help.

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