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Introducing: new Polish blackened crust act GOŁOLEDŹ!

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Polish neocrust / black metal act GOŁOLEDŹ (Glaze) will be releasing their epic debut album on DIY Koło Records later in November, but the band already has a jaw-dropping opener and first song up for streaming and it’s high time for you to hear it.

The new four-piece mines neocrust and black metal, but opts for a brighter production sound and channels the DIY spirit of hardcore, picking from many different influences and drawing from their previous experience in bands like Second Wind, Sophie Scholl, Don’t Fuck My Brain, Keep It Real, Między Słowami, Herida Profunda.

Started by Pioter, Aroslav, and Gavlish), GOŁOLEDŹ started as an off-shoot project with a handful of riffs that formed their first tracks.

Gołoledź by Piątaesencja
Gołoledź by Piątaesencja

“Actually, we never thought these tracks will see the light of the day” – they admit, flashing the evilish grin of their craft.

Completed by vocalist and guitarist Poke (Handmade, Infinate, Spirit Crusher, Horns), the band blends various personalitites and musical tastes. The result is hard to label and endeavors to be both ear-wrenching and atmospheric.

Asked about their lyrical content, the band admits that there will be emotional stories on loneliness, passing, a sense of hopelessness and self-destruction.

“Our lyrics tackle human beings as creatures striving for self-destruction both in the context of the individual and humanity as a whole” – comments GOŁOLEDŹ.

Gołoledź by poomackuszukam
Gołoledź by poomackuszukam

The band’s debut single “Sam na zawsze” was released in 2021 and this year the band hit the Riot Studio in Poland to track their first full-length, which is now slated for a November 18th release via DIY Koło Records. Stay tuned for the whole thing as the marriage of various extreme styles come naturally to GOŁOLEDŹ. The emotional soundtrack to the violent de-evolution of humanity is coming.

Gołoledź by Mateusz Wojciechowski
Gołoledź by Mateusz Wojciechowski
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