Introducing: Norwegian metallized, emotions filled power hardcore act COASTLINES!

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Norwegian hardcore/metal band COASTLINES recently released their striking debut single Empires, that merges both huge power and beauty through the amount of emotions and anthemic feel that are portrayed throughout just one track. The single promises great new band on the map of European melodic and metal infused hardcore bands, so we decided to have a closer look and ask them to give us some details about their work and plans for the future.

Through years of experimenting with different people, different genres, and different instruments, Guitarist Aaron Veliz finally found the right collaborator in Emil Bringsli. In July 2017 they recorded some demos and started looking for more people to join, what they envisioned being a 4 piece metal band. After collaborating with several vocalists and drummers, they found vocalist Jan Magne Abel Opsahl in 2018 through an online ad. A year of demoing, pre-prodding, they finally found what they were looking for. What happens next? Who knows. What they do know is that they will finally be hitting the studio to record their debut EP as soon as the last piece of the puzzle (drummer) is found.

Coastlines is: Aaron Veliz – Guitar, Emil Bringsli – Bass, Jan M. A. Opsahl – Vocals

Inspirations to start this band

Aaron: I discovered the band Emmure in 2004, and it took my influence from Grunge and up to the Nu-Metal and Deathcore Sound, And thats how I found my style / genre

From there I learned how to play heavier material and in 2014 I made what is now known as Coastlines, but started as a soloproject under the name; “Murder the Traitor”, and it is a tribute to Deathcore (EP)

It is now a full band and I’ve re-written alot to fit into a more Hardcore / Nu-Metal vibe

Jan: I’d say my inspirations for being in the band mostly comes from what Emil and Aaron write, they have this odd sadness with like a hint of hopefulness in their melodies which really speaks to me, and that makes it a lot easier to write lyrics for. Other than that, it’s seeing friends and acquaintances in other bands like ieatheartattacks, ATENA and Rise Above playing, that made me really want to be in a band, and make music again.

Inspirations behind the content of COASTLINES and particularly this new track

Aaron: I tried to pull off a more Upbeat/Hardcore vibe and tone, taking inspiration from Architects, BMTH, and Deftones, Emmure is always a main influence in my song writing, so Empires is my first Hardcore song, I’ve been working on it in 6 years, reforming and finally rebuilt into what we’ve released today

Jan: Vocally i tried to pull from many places, the vocalists i stole the most from on this track was Jeffrey Moreira (Poison The Well), Andrew Neufeld (Comeback Kid), Oliver Sykes (BMTH -suicide season era), Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) and Jonathan Vigil (The Ghost Inside).


Thematically the lyrics to the single is about how people get awkward around others, and pretend like theres nothing wrong, when inside they have alot of worries, anxiety and such.

My main goal was to make a metaphor where the taboo of having a bad day, or being depressed, mental illnesses etc. was an Empire, how the fact that opening up and talking about it, breaks down the “Empires” you create in your mind.

The song starts with a general observation about how people don’t read between the lines, so to speak and then it shifts over to a “me” person and how they react to things.

The “me” person Is basically having a internal conversation with themselves where they try to hide their pain and insecurities, but they are unable to and the empires of actually speaking up are defeated.

The impressive cover art

Aaron: I contacted Delta Options, right after I saw one of his Promo works, which he shares daily, and felt the cover really stuck on me, and It fits the title and meaning behind the single.

EMPIRES Coastlines

Plans for the future & live dates

Aaron: We are going to continue on the upcoming Album, might become a EP in two parts, we’ll see what happens, but all the intended tracks is already written and Pre-Produced

Jan: We’re going to be finalizing vocals, lyrics and the weekend of 22.November, and hopefully we’ll be able to release at least one more song before too long and then the full EP/album spring 2020 hopefully.
Sadly, no live plans yet, tho i’m really looking forward to playing in front of people again, also we’re looking for a new drummer at the moment.(on the single Steffen from the band Frostbitt tracked drums for us)

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