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SQUID PISSER returns with wild new video for “Fuck Your Preacher”

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In a bold and unapologetic display, our recent guests SQUID PISSER have released a new, hard-hitting video for their track “Fuck Your Preacher,” featuring Saint Anthony of the serpent-metal act CANCER CHRIST, from their latest album “My Tadpole Legion.” The song confronts the abhorrent issue of pedophile preachers and the corrupt power wielded by depraved patriarchies around the world.

Saint Anthony contributes a jarring and repulsive vocal performance, saturated with fury and aggression, challenging the sanctity of the traditional church. The collaboration between SQUID PISSER and CANCER CHRIST is a seamless and fitting partnership, as both bands share the same primary songwriter and guitarist, Tommy Meehan. “Fuck Your Preacher” presents a much-needed union of cephalopod daddies and snake boys that the world was unaware it required.

The lyrics poignantly recount Saint Anthony’s own life experiences, including losing his mother at a young age, being forced into an orphanage, and seeking retribution against his preacher. Remarkably, this powerful narrative is condensed into a mere 30 seconds.

Squid Pisser
Squid Pisser

“Fuck Your Preacher” offers a fresh take on Anti Chris and The Raped’s “Fuk Ur Sister,” a song that originally reached a small group of Bay Area music enthusiasts more than two decades ago. Tommy Meehan recalls witnessing the memorable and influential performance of Anti Chris and The Raped at The Phoenix Theater in 2002.

Describing the chaotic and mesmerizing show, Meehan states, “The singer cut himself on stage and was just spouting off all of the most offensive shit he could think of.” The raw energy and unpolished sound of the band resonated with Meehan, who later suggested the cover when recording “My Tadpole Legion” with Seth.

SQUID PISSER’s “Fuck Your Preacher” video serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of confronting and challenging societal norms and abuses of power, even when the message is delivered through a cacophony of unbridled intensity and abrasive vocals.

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