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Italian anthemic punk rockers BULL BRIGADE celebrate 15th birthday with new EP

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Born from the dust of Banda del Rione (2000) and Youngang (1994), two iconics italian punk Oi! punk bands from Torino, 15 years since their formation in 2006, BULL BRIGADE are celebrating the 15th years of their existence with brand new 7” “Stronger Than Time” (Demons Run Amok label), their first offering in English, and our quick interview, in which their tell their story and comment on new EP. Check it out and catch the band live at Punk & Disorderly Festival, their only live show this year.

Our lineup has changed over the years, taking in members from band As S-contro, Gavroche, Kill Joy, etc. We added some punk rock and hardcore influences to the initial street punk vibe, resulting in more energetic and powerful live performances. Our turning point was in 2008 when we released their first album “Strade Smarrite”, album that early become a symbol of the Italian street punk scene, because of its music and especially because of the iconics lyrics. The release of the record was followed by a series of important and gloriouses shows all around Italy and Europe.

In 2016 we released “Vita Libertà”, a very successful album, both for the old fans and new people that learned about our band.

After years of touring and basing on just two records, we were already proud to say that we managed to build a band that seems to be really important for fans of melodic hardcore punk rock in Italy and Eerope. In 2018, we recorded a split album with great Spanish band Non Servium and played sick shows in Santiago del Chile.

2020 begins with the release of our first EP with lyrics in English!

STRONGER THAN TIME : It’s a song born in a very dark moment of our story when, for reasons of tiredness and motivation, we decided to suspend our intense live activity. In that excatly moment was fundamental for me (EUGY) receive the support of the other band members that literally spurred me on making me aware of everything that has been and will be forever …. stronger than the time.

CIRCLE IN A SQUARE : it’s the story of our hometown, the story of the kids that live in our neighborhood and in our suburbs … where if you were born round you can’t die as a square (kind of italian saying). The football, considered as a vehicle of aggregation and affirmation of the kids of the popular neighborhoods. Those magical colors you would never change!

Turin punk rock scene:

We believe that our scene, as far as punk-hc is concerned, is going through a period of difficulty that has been going on for a few years now. One of the main problems, in our opinion, is the generational change. There is no shortage of absolute level bands such as Pretesto or Mad Beat. There is no shortage of established historical groups such as the Clash. What is missing are the young boys who want to take on the survival of our subcultures.


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