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Noisy, frenetic punks THE LOVE SUPREME recalibrate the brain with infectious new record

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Featuring members of Bennett, Cayman The Animal, Tutti I Colori Del Buio, DieAbete, and Rope, Italy’s THE LOVE SUPREME are certainly no rookies. Their frenzied subgenre has no shortage of colorful and influential acts, and whether they indentify with their inclusion in this circle or not, their new offering “A shade of yellow very close to the gold album” serves as a calling and an impressive set of crazy tracks building off of a shared pool of ideas developed by the likes of The Blood Brothers, Retox, Saetia, Some Girls, or Hot Cross.

Here’s what the band have to say about their backgrounds:

There is not so much to say, we know each other since a long time and we had never played all together (actually Gigi and Nicola where in CHAMBERS for many years) but we always had bands that played together while doing very different stuff.

We like to share time, eating pizza, drinking and make party so, except for the live show, that’s pretty much what a band of friends does. Gigi proposed to try to make a group with the coordinates of Retox, Some Girls, Head Wound City etc…We are all quite busy with works and other bands and especially scattered from Turin to Perugia (600km far) but it incredibly worked and in 2019 we recorded a full length.

Valerio Fisik from Inferno and Malclango, took care of everything, Chambers, Cayman and Die Abete made their previous records with Valerio, so he was the best option for us and in a way he knows us better than we do.

Two nights and two afternoons at his studio in Rome and the record was done, in a very punk attitude i’ve to say. Valerio did a great work and we’re super happy.

Recorded mixed and mastered by Valerio Fisik at the Hombre Lobo in Rome in 2019

THE LOVE SUPREME by Yari Ricco @ ZIggy Club
THE LOVE SUPREME by Yari Ricco @ ZIggy Club

Manuel from Shove Rec. and Luca from To Lose La Track rec. are the people with whom we have always released our records and they seemed the most logical choice, they immediately liked the idea and really worked hard print and spread the record so the credit is largely theirs.

Obviously, it’s so complicated for us to get the time to make rehearsals, given the obvious logistical difficulties so the live activity can’t be too intense but we are working on a small tour in southern Italy in late summer, no plans for a new recording yet.

Italian punk/hardcore/screamo scene it’s pretty much similar as it were ten or five years ago in terms of bands and people. Maybe there were some changes more related to the cities where things are more pushed or alive now, for example the Venice area who is literally burning. Many places to play gigs are now closed or don’t exist anymore, but the energy and cool bands are still out there. Just to name a bunch of them (not mentioning ours eheh) we would recommend Defect, Peste, Antares, Noise Trail Immersion and Paperoga.

THE LOVE SUPREME by Yari Ricco @ ZIggy Club

“A shade of yellow very close to the gold album” track by track commentary

Scalford rain – The first song we wrote down, it defines the coordinates of our sound. It’s dedicated to our imaginary god.

Cospea chainsaw massacre – Playing Mario Kart too many hours and watching old ’70 horror movies brings you to have weird nightmare. Cospea is the neighborhood where we have the rehearsal room.

The Age Of Talparius – Clients of comic shops aren’t just nerd.

About the chances – This song consider the real possibility for many of us to become homeless, not only for finance trouble, but also as a way out from everything.

THE LOVE SUPREME by Yari Ricco @ ZIggy Club
THE LOVE SUPREME by Yari Ricco @ ZIggy Club

Beware, he’s a prick – It’s about a wrong trip and bad influence of negative people.

An Albatross – Everyone should love Albatross, such a cool bird, also if your heart is broken.

El Cajon – This is the second song we wrote together, it’s similar to the first one, probably because we played it during the same session, that’s why we put it at end of the album. But we like it.

THE LOVE SUPREME is: Gigi: bass (Chambers, Bennett), Nicola: drums (Chambers), Diego: guitar (Cayman the animal, Six feet tall), Eugenio: vocals (Die Abete, Tyrone), Alessio: vocals (Rope, Tutti i colori del buio)

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