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Italian dark noise rockers NETN break down excellent new self-titled album

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In the varied, eclectic streak of today’s noise rock offerings, we’re thrilled to add another great treat, this time from Italy. Ferrara based NETN have joined us for a special insightful look into their new self-titled album, a searing amalgamation of genres that begs to be experienced in a live setting. “NETN” basks in its own raw originality and comes as a uniqe, organic sounding, abundant record with its unforgettable impact.

NETN is out now digitally, with a physical release coming up via Sonatine Produzioni and Vollmer Industries labels.

The album was been recorded and mixed by Bruno Germano at Vacuum Studio in Bologna and mastered by Carl Saff at Saffmastering Studio, Chicago (IL).

Since the first time we played Old Man, it’s become clear that it is the perfect opening for his record. Nervous, fast and powerful. The riff reminds us of the start of an engine in one of the Mad Max:Fury Road cars, and it also helped for the lyrics. We just imagined a man on the run in a post atomic world, and so…

ODM, with Gerda, is one of the first songs that we made after the previous record Dangerfield. We think that in these two you can find a lot of influence from our different favourite bands and records, especially the italian ones. Uzeda, One Dimensional Man and Gerda above all. In this song we thought about the years between 2001 and 2005, we were kids but a lot of things have happened. G8 in Genova, Twin Towers, war in Afghanistan and the murder of Federico Aldrovandi in our hometown Ferrara. In those years was born the mess that we’re in today.

One of us has suffered of Panic attacks and we spent a lot of time talking about it. It’s an unpredictable thing and when it happens it goes so fast and unstoppable. We just try to put some of this bad illness in this song which goes from a really punk riff to a Jon Spencer Blues Explosion moment. Thanks capitalism for spreading mental issues.

Headache is born like a joke between bass and drums. Is based on a game of stop and go and it gets an undefined groove that we really enjoy. It also has something from Unwound but we don’t precisely know what. After the recordings, we realized how different it sounds but always in topic with the rest of NETN.

Baboon it’s the last song that we made for this record. Punk vibes, fast, really fun to play (we hope to hear also!). One of our favourite.

If Old Man sounds to us like the perfect opening, Gerda is the perfect closing for NETN. bass and drums made this tribal rhythm that explode in full power.

This song is something halfway between Grinderman and Show Me the Body with tribal stuff in it.

NETN live shows:

4 November @ Circolo Arci Bolognesi – Ferrara
24 November @ Bar Diamond – Gabicce Mare
10 December @ Officina Amaranta – Fano

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