LOCKED IN studio - photo by Alessio Chopy
LOCKED IN studio - photo by Alessio Chopy
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Italian hardcore band LOCKED IN return with new EPs on Epidemic Records; new song streaming

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Some flames do not go out. Incandescent embers continue to burn under the ashes and just blowing a bit of air on them can restart the fire. This is the case with LOCKED IN, a hardcore punk / metal band from Perugia, Italy, which returns after several years of silence and inactivity, showing us they still remember how it’s done, after grinding miles and consuming stages throughout Italy and half Europe between 2007 and 2013.

A few weeks ago they announced their return with two new EPs in collaboration with Epidemic Records. Today, the band shared their first new single called “Dying City”, a furious and energetic song, which reveals the excellent shape in which the band presents itself at the first test with this new chapter.

The first EP of this new era is titled “Not Dead Yet” and will be available on all major digital platforms from December 25th, 2020; a Christmas present to friends and longtime fans, as well as those who have yet to fall in love with this band; a group of friends and musicians with a huge heart and a 101% genuine approach, playing hardcore made with blood, sweat and tears, as it should be.


Choosing a song just to represent a new phase in the life of a band is no easy task, so we asked Locked In why they opted for this track: “We chose “Dying City” as the first single out of this new EP because it represents the most intimate and personal part of our sound; choosing another track of the EP that could have more of a classic structure and give a known feeling would have maybe misrepresented this new chapter in our lives.

This track definitely represents a bridge to what could be our sound in the years to come, if we ever want to release more material.”

Christmas Day of this difficult year 2020 will be one to remember, with the release of “Not Dead Yet” EP; a title that encapsulates the spirit with which the five piece is once again entering the scenes, blowing hard on the embers and thus rekindling a flame that was just waiting to burn again.

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