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CONVERGE‘s Jacob Bannon was recently interviewed by


Which came first for you in your life: music or art? And how do they influence one another?

Likely visual art, as I was interested in drawing and things when I was very young. Music followed quickly behind of me. I was fortunate enough to be part of the last generation that directly engaged by music through physical media (cassettes, vinyl, etc). Because of that, the attention that I would give the bands I enjoyed was very focused. I would obsess over the details of their efforts. That experience definitely helped shape how I choose to approach creating music and visuals. As to how they influence another, I see them as one in the same. They are both related forms of expression.

How long have you been making a living as an artist and musician? What was the last “regular” job you held and when was it?

I’ve been working full time since I was around 17 years old. To put myself through college I use to build, repair, and deliver furniture. I started doing basic design jobs for a regional alternative newspaper while I was in college, and soon after started designing records.

Currently, I do a lot of things to get by. I am a freelance artist/designer where I work for clients in the independent music world. I am a fine artist and I create a variety of visuals through that which I offer to the public. I am a solo musician (under the “Wear Your Wounds” name) and a founding member of Converge. I am the co-owner of the Deathwish label, where I release and promote the music of bands we believe in. I am a partner in a Vintage Decor Gallery alongside my wife. And lastly, I work for the State of Massachusetts as a Licensed MMA Judge. I see all of those things as “regular” jobs though they are all entrepreneurial in some fashion. I couldn’t make a living doing one specific thing, but the mass of it allows me to exist for the most part.

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