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Japanese blackened hardcore horde SEEK to unleash debut album – new video streaming

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“The Man Dies in His Hometown” or “Kokyou De Shinu Otoko,” as translated into English, marks the long-awaited full-length debut from the band Seek, despite their formation over two decades ago. Spanning a captivating 50 minutes, this album showcases the Osaka trio’s unleashing of tempestuous blackened hardcore.

Within its corrosive tones and restless bursts, woeful riffs of despair and mourning emerge. Vocalist Suguru Inomoto passionately roars in his native Japanese, intertwining haunting clean vocals that soar alongside his screams. In the title track, he bellows, “Thread a thin needle through dry sand, a moth with no pattern dies elegantly,” confronting the inevitability of mortality.

Seek’s sonic tapestry is a dark and raw affair, teeming with emotional depth, appealing to fans of Neurosis’ tormented post-metal, Acme’s infernal hardcore, as well as newer bands like Hexis and Downfall of Gaia.


Founder of Silent Pendulum Records, Michael Kadnar, also known as the drummer for Downfall of Gaia, expresses his admiration for Seek, having had the pleasure of sharing the stage with them during a tour in Japan. Impressed by their music, Kadnar reached out to offer assistance with their new album. He eagerly anticipates providing Seek with a platform in the United States, while also sharing the stage with them again in July.

Returning to Japan, Kadnar will accompany orchestral metal titans So Hideous, where they will perform four shows alongside Seek. The convergence of these two bands promises to create an electrifying experience, further solidifying Seek’s growing recognition and reach.

Pre-order the album (vinyl), here, and the album (CD), here.

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Seek live dates with So Hideous:

July 6 – Osaka, Japan @ Hokage
July 7 – Nagoya, Japan @ Huck Finn
July 8 – Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan @ Cosmic Hall
July 9 – Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan @ Antiknock

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