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JARHEAD – “From the Buried to the Fool” video

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“Emotional raw and clean vocals, complex riffs and furious drums.” – the official description of JARHEAD from Belgium says it all. The band has just released a new music video for their song ‘From the Buried to the Fool’ and will be back in September with a full EP called “Wistful Addictions”, mastered by the almighty Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. Watch below and scroll down to check out their older tracks, including the ‘haste.’ EP, released back in 2014.


I walked across those empty lands, in my head nothing more than us.
No thinking of the outside world, I’m saved who cares about the rest?

Was it foolish to be wandering around without seeing all their calls?
But isn’t this the genuine course of life as we’re all turning into dust?

Praise your God for me.

So ephemeral, I thought life was worthy of me. But in the end we’re all the same.
Blind souls just drifting away, thinking that this brightness in between could keep us away from despair.

A universe surrounds the fake I was living in instead.
But when ideas came to my head they just pushed it back.

Faith’s everything that I know. Faith, everything that I know is erased.
Would I be awake? Everything fades around myself.

This lie destroyed my world. My soul, my heart but I’m still breathing.
This blind quest shattered my thoughts. I was afraid to question the world.

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