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JAWBOX, BASEMENT, FINCH, TAKING BACK SUNDAY and more inspirational artists for California alt rockers CROSSING I’S DOTTING T’S

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Fresh off the release of their newest single “You” (featuring Brian Swindle of Have Mercy), Southern California based emotive alt rockers CROSSING I’S DOTTING T’S join us today to give us another end of the week list of bands worth looking into, if you haven’t already. 

Mixing their emotive rock, 90s alt rock and melodic post hardcore influences down to the core and blasting onto the Southern California music scene with a vengeance, CROSSING I’S DOTTING T’S provides an emotive type of alt-rock that they coin “emo-ggressive alt rock.”

They hate trying to describe their genre…It’s just rock n roll. They are heavily influenced by the alt rock of the 90s (Pixies, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and even Counting Crows) to the emo/post-hardcore/alt rock of the early 2010s (Basement, Have Mercy, Balance and Composure, Citizen, etc…)


Superheaven is just too good it’s scary. The tones and heavyness that they bring is next to none and they have a way of making every song feel real and honest.


Basement has a way of making you feel something and do a great job of making incorporating clean and harsher vocals in their songs. That “Coulourmeinkindess” album is special.


Love the noisy-ness of Jawbox and and general chaos and aggression that they bring. They use feedback and noise in the best ways and we are huge fans of noise and chaos and incorporate those aspects in just about every song we make.


Just always been obsessed with Hum and love the held back vocal style and songwriting. Those soft verse, blasting chorus type songs get us so hyped.

Make Do and Mend

When I first heard the “End Measured Mile” album, I was disgusted by how good it was and how emotionally aggressive it was. I had that on repeat for months, every song is so good and felt refreshing. I wish they were still around.

Joyce Manor

Joyce is my 2nd favorite band of all time and I talk about them to the point of exhaustion but they are one of those bands who helped us say “fuck it” and just to for it and try to incorporate poppier hooks Into our emotionally aggressive songs.

Have Mercy

They are one of our favorite bands and one of those bands that got us into actually making music. Brian Swindle is featured on our single “You” and he’s also mixing the album for us. He’s a great guy and a musician we respect heavily so we are so excited.

Taking Back Sunday

We were inspired by TBS because they had two singers going back and forth, and that was unique at the time. Even inspired other big bands like Underoath.

Smashing Pumpkins

When we want to add fuzz and noisy-ness to our songs, we try to reference the pumpkins for obvious reasons and Alex Estrada who produced our album is in love with them so he dials it in nice.


We love how they incorporated harsh vocals into their songs, which helped shape a whole genre in the early 2000’s. We listen to a lot of metalcore, especially Oliver, and so we are very fond of Finch for basically bringing metalcore and pop punk together

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