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ANTIMELODIX – d-beat metal punks from Russian hell comment on dancing in the burning swamp

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Our featured merch distro and record label Black Terror has released a new EP by d-beat hardcore band ANTIMELODIX and it’s a blistering statement of melody infused aggression. The Petrozavodsk, Karelia based horde has been playing for a long time, gaining respect among fans of crust, underground metal and punk, and having a strong influence on the European scene.

“Dances in the Burning Swamp” was recorded by Nikolai Kuskov at KukkovkaHell Studios, mixed and mastered by Ulf Blomberg at HoboRec, and is available via Black Terror Records.

ANTIMELODIX is: Alexander Kuskov – vocals and lyrics, Nikolai Kuskov – drums, bass, guitars, keyboards. Additional lead guitars on this record are provided by Dmitriy Voronin, and keyboards by Dmitriy Dobrynin. Cover design was crafted by Nikolai Kuskov and it features a cover illustration by Vadim Gorbatov.

Dark Days, pt 2

The lyrics of the “Dark days pt2” are both sarcastic and retrospective. There are the hidden passages about the “carbon-copied” nature of the underground music scene and its personae as well as a great deal of robust self-irony.

Trapped in Fire

The track “Trapped in fire” is bluntly referring to the problem of nature and wildlife preservation through the example of eponymous literary work by Viktor Potievsky. Wilderness fires, urbanization, deforestation, etc. The undertone of this song is the infinite craving for freedom inherent in both people and animals.



The “Cyberwar” embodies the attempts to mull over futurology. A springboard for writing it was the work of Jacques Attali, who, being a great bureaucratic and high-powered financial figure, for 30 years has been describing the future prepared for mankind. The XXI century nomads, the war between economic entities, the migration collapse and all. Sad enough to say, much of what is described in this kind of work has already happened or is now coming true before our very eyes.

The New World

“The new world” is replete with theology, reflections about the sacred struggle, the Tibetan mythology, the darkest and most intricate religious cults. All of this sets in against the backdrop of the unfolding global havoc.


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