JAWBREAKER to reunite?

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Ok, this is getting weird. Another iconic band is apparently set to get back together. It’s JAWBREAKER this time.

The reunion rumors may be fake, so watch out! ;)


“Fireman” video:

Live in Oakland, 1994:

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  1. i wish this is true but it’s not. blake schwarzenbach keeps saying that he’ll never ever work with chris bauermeister and adam pfahler. i wonder what blake, chris and adam are going to say when they see or hear about this rumor.

  2. That’s not true at all. The reason why their hasn’t been a reunion, is because Blake feel’s he can’t sing the songs anymore, and he wouldn’t be able to do them justice. It has nothing to do with the other members, as they all still communicate with each other. They even recorded a practice in 2008 together, but never released it. Adam Pfahler has the recordings stashed away somewhere. I would be surprised if this was true, seeing how Blake feels like he can’t sing the songs.

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