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As promised, 3 days after the initial teaser (GO HERE to check it out), influential Connecticut screamo act JEROMES DREAM have confirmed they’ve already begun writing new music and they need your help to bring it to fruition! Check out the official word below, GO HERE to support the project, and share the hell out of this!

The new JEROMES DREAM LP will be recorded at God City Studio Second with Kurt Ballou of CONVERGE. Secret color vinyls (150g) will be available in pressing of 251 — 500 and will be individually numbered with a silver foil stamp press.

The record will mark their first new music since 2001’s “Presents”. We’ll be celebrating the 18th anniversary of their landmark album “Seeing Means More Than Safety” this May.


We’ve decided that if there were ever a time to make another JD record, it’s now. And if we are going to do this record, we’re gonna need your help to bring it to fruition.

The three of us agreed that creating a crowdfunding campaign and getting the community involved seemed to make the most sense. By “community”, we mean those who are here — those who understand that music isn’t always what’s on the radio, or what you discover on Spotify. There’s a whole other aspect and culture of music out there that only some seem to understand, or know exists.

In our days as an active band, the DIY hardcore scene was so incredibly important to us. The bands and kids who were a part of it created such a vibrant, rich and exciting world of creativity and artistic expression. The beauty of it all at the time was that no one knew what a historic impact this sliver of punk would have on people years later.

Everyone did what they did simply because they loved it. It was all they knew… or at least, they knew that it was where they wanted to be and where they could thrive, or hide, or simply be a part of something where they felt like they belonged. Well, at least that’s how we pretty much felt.

The tenets of this underground culture still resonate today — they’ll never expire. There will always be an underground. That is why DIY will always be special and weirdly sacred.

Click the photo below to see our campaign. We will not only be making new music, we’ll also be designing merch and offering some pretty rad perks in the hopes that it will inspire your involvement in all this.

We will be in touch, and we cannot thank you enough.

Talk soon,

Jeff, Nick, and Erik

The Indiegogo campaign commentary:

A wave of inspiration hit the three of us after we spoke for the first time since JD ended in 2001. To think that much time went by and then suddenly, we found ourselves reminiscing about the past, discussing what our music meant to us, and how the DIY mindset is still as relevant today as it was back then. This is where it all begins. Again. We’ve decided that we are going to make an LP. And we need your help to do it.

We are essentially offering a pre-order for an LP and official JD merch — and we’re doing it ourselves — but with you, too.
And we’re laying out some really great incentives as a sincere token of appreciation for your trust, support, and desire to hear new music. We have 40 days to make this happen. We cannot thank you enough for considering being a part of this and helping us bring a new iteration of JD to fruition. Your involvement means everything to us.

We will continue to write throughout the entire summer and will record the LP in the fall with Kurt Ballou (Converge) at God City Studio in Salem, MA. If we meet our goal, we will be able to cover everything we need from travel, to misc equipment, lodging, studio time, mixing, mastering, pressing, packaging, shipping, etc.. we probably could have found someone to do this, but to us, this way means more — and we hope you think so too.

Jeff, Nick, and Erik

GO HERE to listen to “It’s More Like An Homage To You”, the latest JEROMES DREAM Tribute Compilation by , a Zegema Beach Records and Coniine Records, featuring 29 worthy modern screamo bands.

UPDATE, April 5th:

The band has issued the following update on the writing process:

First and foremost — a huge thanks to every single one of you who ordered an LP. We are still completely stunned by all of the support. For those who haven’t yet, there’s still time; there are 196 LPs left to be claimed out of 500. If you’re interested, you can get yours here.

Secondly, we’re thrilled to be working with NYC artist, Brian Alfred on the LP artwork. Brian is not only an amazing artist but a fantastic musician as well. Our first encounter with Brian was when his old band 33.3 and JD played a couple shows together in 1999. We’re so psyched that he agreed to be involved.

Here’s a teaser of the LP’s cover art:


Lastly, we’ve been writing remotely but Erik and Nick will get together for the first time since our band ended in 2001 next month. Erik will fly in from LA to CT and spend a few days writing/workshopping with Nick. In July, the three of us will meet in LA as a full band and continue writing.

It’s all starting to feel very real.
Talk soon,

Jeff, Nick, and Erik

UPDATE, April 16th:

There are 168 LPs remaining as of today, and there are 2 weeks left of our campaign. Once again, thank you to all who have claimed their records. If you haven’t yet, check out the packages that are left and get yours soon.

These will likely end up selling out.

When the campaign is completed, we will immediately begin producing all the items that come with the album: t-shirts, totes, etc. and will plan on shipping those prior to the release at some point this summer.

As mentioned before, Erik will fly to CT next month to work with Nick on the initial outline of the album, and then all three of us will get in a room together for a week in July in LA to workshop all the songs we have at that point.

We already have a small stable of new song ideas and are getting very excited about it all — every day, we text each other in amazement that we’re actually doing all this.

Talk soon,

Jeff, Nick, and Erik

UPDATE, April 29th:

(…) Without further ado, let us introduce the official artwork for the LP. We worked with Brooklyn based artist, Brian Alfred. The work is appropriately titled Time Horizons.

The time is now — and we’re ready to make it fucking happen.


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